Falling Asleep to Crickets

I’m here just laying in bed minding my own business and...BAM! I need to blog. So I pull out the ol Mac and get to gettin’. I love living in the country. I have never ever lived in town and I don’t relish the thought of ever living in town. Its something about street lights, being able to look out and see a house RIGHT next to you, more cars driving by, more people, less grass around, less open space, less privacy, less nature, less crickets and bull frogs to chirp and croak you to sleep. Yeah.....its something about those things that make me not want to live in town. I suppose if you have never lived in the country you wouldn’t know the difference.

Any other time a cricket would annoy me (most things do) but not at night. Nope. Not when they are outside softly chirping and my window is open, a cool breeze is blowing in on me and the full moon is shining in. I rather like the crickets then. I like the quiet except for them. There is an occasional frog too. Oh now he is really going. :)

Yeah....I’m pretty sure I’m a country girl through and through. I may be quirky and dress funky but that doesn’t change the place where I know I belong, out here with the crickets.

I'm going to go to sleep now...


I. Love. Flowers.

I love flowers. All kinds. For the past few springs I have purchased a Gerber daisy and potted them and kept them over the winter. They are such happy flowers and come in so many wonderful colors. Too many wonderful colors- it makes choosing one so very difficult. But I always manage to find one. This one has such beautiful blooms and looks incredibly healthy. I just had to share this picture!



Go Fly A Kite!

I went to Fort Collins for Easter and my mom sent an Easter basket with me. In it she included a kite! It is so pretty. That weekend there was either no wind or too much and Senor Smarty Pants and I did not get a chance to fly it. But I finally got an opportunity! It was the perfect weather. I hadn't flown a kite in years and it was so much fun (once i got it in the air)! There is definitely a science to it. I only hope more opportunities come up.



Food Network’s Influence

I have been in the mood to be in the kitchen. This room in my house has never really been my favorite. I don’t usually enjoy cooking of any sort. It makes a mess, I could mess it up and all those ingredients and time would be a waste. It just wasn’t my idea of fun. But due to the lack of food I have been able to consume and my frequent viewing of the Food Network, I have been in the mood. So I looked through my mom’s magazines I found some recipes I wanted to try and Senor Smarty Pants and I made supper one night this weekend. It was way fun and way tasty! I might just be a changed lady. Cooking and baking may not be all that bad...maybe...we will see!

Tortellini Toss Up! YUM!

E thought it was wonderful too!




I am embarrassed to show you all this. But on the other hand I don’t really know who all looks at this blog-it could be no one for all I know so who really cares right?! But yes this is the mess I lovingly call my room. As I stated before I had a lot of stuff and I hadn’t really cleaned out my room in a looonnnggg time. I had tidied up and it always looked nice but it just had so much stuff in it. Namely the closet. I have lots of clothes and more came home with me. I also had stuff that could be thrown away but I simply hadn’t taken the time to get enough bags to put it all in and then take it outside to be disposed of...laziness at it’s finest I would say.

I couldn’t take it anymore though. It was making me grumpy. I had been home for probably 3 or 4 days and stuff was just everywhere and I got on a roll and started to dig in. The stuff in the corner by my wicker shelf is trash I believe there were 3 bags of this in final. The big brown bag is full of stuff I am getting red of as in the stuff in the bottom of the picture. I think there were 4 bags of this nature. I don’t have an after picture yet. Mainly because I think I will still get rid of more! .....Who am I?! But I will get one and letcha see!



And it Continues...Kinda....

Well today is day....8 yes day 8, after the wisdom teeth were removed. I must say I am feeling about back to normal. Still have gaping holes in my mouth that need irrigated out every time I eat something but its not too bad anymore. Still taking Advil and still have stitches but I feel human again. I went to work for a bit yesterday and Senor Smarty Pants house last night and this afternoon. Its nice to have some different scenery. So glad its over!

This is what Senor Smarty Pants came with when he came to visit me! That Lily was perfect!



The Wisdom Teeth Saga

Here I am sitting in my recliner with a bag of frozen peas in between my shoulder and cheek

Well I have done it. Something that I have seriously dreaded for years and honestly never really thought I would actually do. Those of you who know me have seen my large pearly whites. Big teeth run in my family. Mouths in the Jones family is what makes us all look similar. Its the English in us. These teeth have caused me some pain over the years and my mother literally thousands of dollars. I got braces in the 3rd grade and got them off in the 8th. Yes, 5 years of brace-face, railroad tracks, blah blah blah. But once those babies came off they were perfection, if I do say so myself. And my momma is even more proud of em! My teeth were always a few years ahead of my age. That is part of the reason I got braces when I was only 9-my teeth were what a normal 12 year olds looked like.

Once those braces came off the next worry came to mind. Wisdom Teeth. I knew these little friends would be moving in soon simply because its how my mouth works. Well they started coming in and my dentist told me that I needed to look into getting them out. I told myself that I wasn’t going to have to get them out. No way jose. That would hurt and I didn’t need that. But then they started to hurt off and on. Then came the headaches. I couldn’t take it anymore. Plus the bottom one on my left side was laying sideways sooo...that one was going to have to come out anyway so I might as well have them all out. So thats what I did. My oral surgeon was confident without being arrogant, friendly, and I instantly trusted him. That was a good feeling. So here is a recap on the last few days.

Day 1- On my way to surgery I felt like vomiting but was starving at the same time. I had held in my emotions all week-until I got in the operating room....then I sobbed. Thankfully the nurse just put my IV in and knocked me out so I couldn’t cry too long. Next thing I knew I was crawling in a wheel chair going to recovery. Apparently the 1st thing I said when I woke up was “I get to see Senor Smarty Pants today!” ( I did use his real name.) I believe I said this statement many more times with the gauze in my mouth., to anyone who would listen. When my parents came into the room I was told that I said “Its over mom! Praise God its over!” My hands were in the air while saying this...oh goodness. I was so much happier while under the influence and my parents asked if they could have more of that stuff. Thanks mom and dad. I did throw up twice. I know you all wanted to know that. But those episodes where due to getting up too fast, I think, I was ready to go! My equilibrium was all off. Overall I felt good and the much anticipated visit from Senor Smarty Pants helped so much, especially when he came bearing a gift. :)

Day 2- Still feeling pretty good actually. Im tired and my face is starting to swell. I still have yet to feel much pain at all. I really want to brush my teeth but not yet. I miss brushing my teeth desperately. When the doctor took my teeth out he stitched it up making like a button hole. These holes must be flushed out after I eat. Not fun. We have a little syringe that we put salt water in and then we flush it out. It sucks, not literally obviously its quite the opposite. But its not fun. Kaleb and his woman, Taylor came to visit me today. I love visitors!

Day 3- Well they were right-pain. Day 3 after surgery has often been said to be the worst. But this pain is not unbearable by any means. I took one half of my pain killers this morning and then a half an hour later took another half as I was instructed, but that was a bad idea. I was dizzy, nauseous, and then had cramps. I will have to be hurting pretty bad before I take another Percocet. Once all that wore off I was feeling pretty ok with just Advil. My recliner and I are getting to know each other real well.

Day 4- Woke up with my mouth hurting again, but less hurt than yesterday morning. Its so refreshing to have progress. Ate some oatmeal and took some stuff to help the pain. Dad suggested we look into marijuana to help my pain. He figured since we are so very close to the Colorado border that surely it would be fine. He stated that Nebraska and Colorado are like cousins so its a family thing. Sometimes I wonder where he comes up with this stuff. But we didn’t take him up on his idea. Bags of peas still give me the most comfort and Senor Smarty Pants says I look more swollen in the mirror than in real life- he’s so sweet..... But in all seriousness I’m not really that swollen I was expecting a lot worse. The Food Network Channel is keeping me company today.

Day 5- Well they hurt again today. I keep saying that my teeth hurt but really its the lack of teeth that are getting to me! Just keep popping the pills. I don’t have much to say today except I can’t wait until I feel better allllllll better! I'll check in some other time to letcha know when I'm better!



Mary Mary Quite Contrary... Part 3

The first thing I did Friday morning was get up and go check out the garden. I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see a few little seedlings popping up from the ground. We have had some moisture and my garden is loving that!

Last weekend my Grandma Smith was informing me of some things that I needed to take care of pronto. She told me that when a spring is wet, like this one, little worms will get on your plants and pinch them off. She said that one day they will all look fine and then the next they will be bent over and nothing can save them. Grandma said though, there is an easy cure for this situation. Simply get a stick or a dried weed stock and put it in the ground very close to your plant. This way the worm cannot pinch your plan off. They will only wrap tighter around the stick-which then cannot harm.

I do not want my plants to perish in the manner so I got out there and did as I was instructed!

One of my pepper plants and its defense against the worms....

A Sunflower!

A nice little row of should make some markers....



Moving Out!

So I have packed up, drove home and began the long process of unpacking. My dorm room naturally became more and more sterile as I began packing. By Thursday morning I was left with the bare necessities in my room and Thursday morning I began loading even those. The very last things I carried out of my room were the most important.

This is my box of letters. When Senor Smarty-Pants and I went off to separate colleges we decided to write letters to each other. It was something else to look forward to. Getting Snail Mail is so much fun. Its amazing how getting a letter can change your mood and brighten your day. I bought this cute box to hold my letters. These letters helped me get through the year. Them and the girl in the picture on top of the box. That is Ashley! She is sweet, smart, beautiful, and a wonderful young woman of God. She is one of the 3 people I will want to keep in touch with that I meet at CCC. Ashley and I are going our separate ways this fall. Neither of us are returning to CCC. I will miss her companionship. I can’t say I had ever really met someone who I was so opposite in personality traits but had so much in common otherwise! The letters and Ashley are the reason I did not fall into a complete depression. So these two remaining things in my dorm room may have been of the greatest importance.


Georgia On My Mind...

Tonight was my last supper at Chartwells aka the cafeteria here at school. I went in praying it was not steak night. I have never been a fan of “Steak Night” A. Its not real steak. B. I don’t really like the chicken-strip alternate choice. C. I just get tired of it. Thankfully we walked in and it was not Steak Night! It was actually a fairly decent selection of Mexican food. They were celebrating Cinco de Mayo too apparently.
So...tonight was probably the most fun I have had at supper. It actually probably ranks in the top 5 of fun nights at CCC.

It all started out with lovely conversation from my two supper companions Whinny and Ashley. We have eaten almost every meal together this year. It will be so strange to not be around them. Next our favorite lunch lady, Georgia came and joined in our conversation. Georgia is the sandwich queen. She makes my “Smoked Turkey with Colby Jack cheese on Potato Bread” every lunch. She is funny and sweet and wants to know about our lives and told us 3 the other day we were “Good Girls”. None of us are returning to CCC next year and she also said that she would miss us dearly. But after the convo with Georgia had settled another thought arose to the young men who had joined us. “Can we ride the conveyer belt that takes our trays into the kitchen?” Georgia went and made sure that their “boss” David wasn't around and that all the others in the kitchen were cool with it and Bob and Todd were off! I saw this all happening and I thought: BLOG! Whinny and Ashley thought it was humorous when I said this out loud to no one in particular. I documented it with the pictures and I laughed so hard! I would have joined in the fun but I thought my shorter shorts may make an inappropriate scene! So I sat this one out!

Bob on his Conveyer Belt Adventure!

Yes! He fit! :)



No More Roommate

So my roommate moved out today. I wasn't expecting to feel like I do right now. I miss kenzie! Now I can't say that we were really friends. But I can say that I did enjoy her. We both were not happy with our college experience and we both were laid back in our day to day living style. We stayed out of each others business and hair when it was necessary.....which happened to be most of the time. But even though we weren't close it was nice to have someone around-incase I did feel like talking with someone or even just watching T.V.

My room now really does feel cold and sad. Her bright pink comforter is gone and now I can see the ugly mattress. I might actually have to throw my quilt over it so it doesn't depress me! I don't think I will be spending near as much time in my room these last 2 nights. I will be out in the common room so I don't feel so lonely!