Liver & Onions

I'm not a picky girl. 
I'm pretty willing to try any item of food.
I kept hearing about Senor Smarty Pants' Grandma's Liver & Onions.
Finally over Spring Break I got to try it.
 Maybe not the most appetizing picture. 
But I then again I can't say liver is the most appetizing thing I've ever eaten. 
Although I will admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 
I will say that I would eat it again. Not my favorite dish and I could easily see how it could go wrong- oh so very wrong but I would eat it again. The onions make the dish. 
Yes, I ate organ meat...ok can't call it that anymore, I'm feeling queasy just typing it. 
Senor Smarty Pants really likes liver. At the grocery store we saw that it was only $0.97...he's thinking he might just live on that next year. I have a different idea or two...
After the liver dish Grandma gave us Raspberry Sorbet, to cleanse our pallet. You see the liver taste has a funny way of hanging around in your mouth. This helped defeat that and it was just plain tasty! 



  1. You are a brave woman. Because I would never have the guts to eat liver. Nope, never. :)

  2. You know that doesn't surprise me. :) Coming from the woman who guards her pillow with her life. Can the kiddies touch it yet? :)

  3. Yes the kids have touched it, but I still don't like to share. I have a husband who has no respect for a good fluffy pillow. And just yesterday I found a little princess sleeping on it with drool running out of her mouth. Which was very disturbing. But what can I say? :)