Yesterday I was directed to a blog/website called I found some very interesting things on there. Things that might just show up on here as well just to spread the word a little farther. The one thing yesterday that caught my attention had to do with bottled water. I remember when it became a phenomenon. Buying water in a plastic bottle. I remember thinking it was so cool, well its not. And several billions of dollars of advertising has convinced that it's perfectly fine and normal! I received a reusable water bottle for graduation and I found that I preferred it to the regular plastic bottle. It could hold more, it was easy to carry with a little handle on top and I didn't have used plastic bottles running out of my ears! It was a win. But then it started leaking and getting kinda old and I lost the straw. Well this is where I am going to drop a brand name. One I stand behind and believe in. Camelbak these bottles are the No leaking, no breaking, seriously your bottle is gonna last and its worth the cash. Senor Smarty Pants got a Camelbak at CSU and he surprised me with one. I love it.

But all this water bottle ramble does have a point. While on the above website I found an article. It was about Congress. About $1 million was spent on bottled water last year. That works out to be about $2,000 per person! Sometimes I'm frightened by the fact we are letting these people make decisions for our country. Why are they not drinking tap, because its easy probably, but I am going to tell ya, its not a very strenuous activity for me to fill up my 24 oz water bottle 3 times a day. Also the "cleaner" argument may be brought up. I knew this before the article but, tap water purity is much more regulated than bottled! Today's bottled is simply tap watered filtered, not really all. Its just so interesting! Also bottled water is at least 1000 times more expensive than tap PER OUNCE. WOW...

So I pose the same question as fooducate does, "Why are you still drinking bottled water?"


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