Fridays Letters

Dear Friday, So glad to see you! Dear Hobby Lobby, Thank you for welcoming me through your doors...twice in two days. The hospitality and sales were greatly appreciated, and I even think my pocketbook enjoyed the experience. Dear Senor Smarty Pants, You don't always say much, but usually  when you do its perfect. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Thank you for putting up with me this semester, you deserve a gold star, or maybe I will buy you that gun you have been talking about. Dear Bath and Body Works candle: "Leaves", Not to be confused with "Fall Leaves." You are possibly the most delicious smelling thing, even though I so enjoy my Scentsy! I am rationing you so you last through this fall as well. Dear Mom, Thanks for understanding some of my frustrations. Dear Kayla, You grew one beautiful babe. I cannot wait to snuggle her. Dear Gift Buying, You are fun. Dear Main and Tail Shampoo, Thanks for making me giggle whenever I see you or say your name. You are just funny to me. Probably because of that Morgan Spurlock documentary, POM Wonderful Presents, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, where you were the "official shampoo." Dear Brown Boots, After four tedious years of looking for just the right pair, I have found you, I have you in my possession now! Welcome to my wardrobe!

Have a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Hobby Lobby!!! Enough said!!!! :) Love that place!!!

  2. Oh, that place is dangerous most days! Thanks for stopping in! :)