Liver & Onions

I'm not a picky girl. 
I'm pretty willing to try any item of food.
I kept hearing about Senor Smarty Pants' Grandma's Liver & Onions.
Finally over Spring Break I got to try it.
 Maybe not the most appetizing picture. 
But I then again I can't say liver is the most appetizing thing I've ever eaten. 
Although I will admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 
I will say that I would eat it again. Not my favorite dish and I could easily see how it could go wrong- oh so very wrong but I would eat it again. The onions make the dish. 
Yes, I ate organ meat...ok can't call it that anymore, I'm feeling queasy just typing it. 
Senor Smarty Pants really likes liver. At the grocery store we saw that it was only $0.97...he's thinking he might just live on that next year. I have a different idea or two...
After the liver dish Grandma gave us Raspberry Sorbet, to cleanse our pallet. You see the liver taste has a funny way of hanging around in your mouth. This helped defeat that and it was just plain tasty! 



I Think I Can...I Think I Can

I've been on Spring Break. Not a crazy, sand and sun filled Spring Break. I was home and I can't say I would have done it any different. For the last 10 days I didn't go farther than 14 miles from home and that was to Senor Smarty Pants' house. It was wonderful. I babysat, ate at Shirley K's Coffee Shop, unpacked new merchandise at Hair Company for mom, taught Senor Smarty Pants a lil piano, and sat on comfy couches.

But now its back to reality. I have only 5 weeks left of the school year. (not counting finals week, but thats a short week anyway and I don't actually mind tests) Senor Smarty Pants grandpa did the Math for me and said "Thats only 25 days of school!" I hadn't thought of that and that makes it seem super short. It will come as no surprise when I say I didn't want to come back! I want Summer now! But five weeks or 25 days, however I choose to think about it, isn't long, not at all. I feel like Christmas break just ended, so if it continues to go like that I will be happy.

I'm excited to be home for a long time. Ready to begin my garden, and even positively anticipating my summer gig I scored this week. Babysitting. I'm ready to wear sundresses all the time and not wear shoes. I'm excited to go on walks and venture out to the lake. I can't wait to clear my mind from school and just "be." So with those 5 weeks ahead of me I find myself saying "I think I can, I think I can...finish strong, get everything done, get through these 6ish weeks with my sanity, yes, I THINK I can." :)



Shoes or Canoes?

I believe I have mentioned that my brother E is tall and lanky. 
Well track season is upon us and E needs new track shoes.
Well they showed up and I'm not sure if they are shoes or canoes!

By the picture you can tell they are a nice new pair of neon Nikes.
And in that picture they look fairly normal in size on my feet.. but...

Then you get to this angle and well on my petite 7.5 foot and scrawny ankle they look...well abnormal! I used a tape measure to measure them. They are about a foot long...
E took my razzing well, he actually told me I would be more efficient using these shoes as flippers while swimming rather than trying to walk in them. :) 
Oh I am so entertained by E and his big feet! 




What do I want to do this Spring? 

Something that resembles this...

Happy First Day of Spring! 




I've been on a bit of a food kick. Meaning, I want to eat often. I'm a steady snacker anyway but lately I've just been wanting to munch on anything, at anytime! My favorites?

mmm...Jimmy Johns...always freaky fast, always freaky good.

One of the greatest food innovations- Sweet and Salty Chex Mix. This bag was gone in 20 mins tops! YUM.
The moral of this post? If you know I'm coming, have a snack ready! :)  



Holy Junk...

Where I'm from the Lion's Club Holbrook Sale means something. It means there will be a ton of "Stuff" at the park, and Holbrooks' population will quadruple for about 8 hours. I have only been to said auction once before, and I was like 3 and sat in a stroller the whole time and enjoyed a hot dog. Well this time mom wanted to go, so the majority of the family who didn't want to watch basketball (we know who didn't go then don't we?! And for the record he was disappointed he didn't tag along since we were gone all day!) drove the few miles to see the uhhh...stuff? They said the sale had the most stuff it ever has. You see people bring the goods they would like to get rid of, Lion's Club hires auctioneers and they some how raise money for their club. I was speechless. 

This is the best shot I could get of the most stuff...I would like to point out that there were probably 6 more rows and they went waaay north. 

Here is a cluster of stuff. When looking at all the stuff there is lots junk and then there are some real finds-if you are willing to wait for it. 

Posts anyone? There were countless piles like this.

Some of the best finds:
This 20lb fish was caught in 1984...come on you know you want this...

A Clown Car! This is a Austin, too bad it was so rusted...I really think dad would have went for it! :) 

A...I really don't know what this is, except a fake chicken with real feathers. I was confused. 

Mom saw some cabinets and things she would have liked to have but we didn't wait around for them to come to them. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday with the family!


Freakish Snowflakes

March has been the month of weird weather...this whole winter has been a bit bizarre. Sunday it clouded over and decided to snow. But I'm not sure I have ever seen snowflakes of these kind. They were HUGE, some close to 2 inches long-not an exaggeration. They looked like feathers falling from the sky, or cotton balls, either way they were, white, fluffy, and BIG! It was a very pretty scene. I went to capture a picture, I hope this can give you an idea: 



One Minute...well almost two...

Sorry I've been a bit absent. Hopefully I'm going to find the time to post some things, I've kinda collected some good material. This is a video I found on Facebook, it is so good and actually just what I needed. So without further ado: The One Minute Sermon by Tamara Lowe

I especially like the verse at 1:24:

" ...don't buy that stupid stuff they be sellin ya. 

It's all designed to fill your head 
and waste your space, 
until your dead.."

How much space we waste on the stupid stuff this world has to offer. I am trying to clear that space to see what God would like to put there instead. I want to be uncluttered, ready to see what God has in store for me.




My best friend Doug - The Real Quail Man who also happens to be on his way to Singapore right now...I know crazy- shared with me the information that Adele had released a new album. I have always enjoyed her music and this line up of songs is no different! Her voice so uniquely wonderful. She can sing, no bones about it. Her classy, cool style is perfect for any jam session. I could listen to this album over and over, and probably will. Thank you Adele, for making the music world more wonderful!

Her latest:

P.S. It is a MUST that you check out this next song...Goosebumps. The. Whole. Time.



Not Your Shining Moment UNK....

Yesterday was a rough day for UNK. It exposed a lot to me....heres a list:

The chunk of deodorant that had been laying on the carpet for weeks in the hall of one of the dorms was crushed all over the carpet.

Senor Smarty Pants heard some girl casually talking explicitly about her friends' abortion and how it was "just now starting to bother her."

There was a banana smeared all over the wall in the common room were the microwave is. Sick and disrespectful.

Last but certainly not least:

Senor Smarty Pant's Roommate showed us all the loot (food) he "got" from the Loper Express, and he was proud of it.
You can bet your bottom dollar I didn't let that one go...

We decided we were happy with our quiet lives-off campus-and we need to make sure we get away from campus often and surround ourselves with the right people.

I can't wait to get away and go home this weekend!

This post is a downer...Sorry...I promise the next one will be an...upper?!




Yesterday I was directed to a blog/website called I found some very interesting things on there. Things that might just show up on here as well just to spread the word a little farther. The one thing yesterday that caught my attention had to do with bottled water. I remember when it became a phenomenon. Buying water in a plastic bottle. I remember thinking it was so cool, well its not. And several billions of dollars of advertising has convinced that it's perfectly fine and normal! I received a reusable water bottle for graduation and I found that I preferred it to the regular plastic bottle. It could hold more, it was easy to carry with a little handle on top and I didn't have used plastic bottles running out of my ears! It was a win. But then it started leaking and getting kinda old and I lost the straw. Well this is where I am going to drop a brand name. One I stand behind and believe in. Camelbak these bottles are the No leaking, no breaking, seriously your bottle is gonna last and its worth the cash. Senor Smarty Pants got a Camelbak at CSU and he surprised me with one. I love it.

But all this water bottle ramble does have a point. While on the above website I found an article. It was about Congress. About $1 million was spent on bottled water last year. That works out to be about $2,000 per person! Sometimes I'm frightened by the fact we are letting these people make decisions for our country. Why are they not drinking tap, because its easy probably, but I am going to tell ya, its not a very strenuous activity for me to fill up my 24 oz water bottle 3 times a day. Also the "cleaner" argument may be brought up. I knew this before the article but, tap water purity is much more regulated than bottled! Today's bottled is simply tap watered filtered, not really all. Its just so interesting! Also bottled water is at least 1000 times more expensive than tap PER OUNCE. WOW...

So I pose the same question as fooducate does, "Why are you still drinking bottled water?"