We Bought A House

Almost a year ago while cruising with Jerrel and a sleeping baby in the back seat I made an arbitrary statement. "THAT is the only house I could consider moving to town for." He said "Oh. It is a nice looking house."

I should really learn to keep my mouth shut.

The thing about living in an incredibly small town is that you hear things and I heard that this house in particular had lots of original character. ...Like has barely been touched since the build...Stuff they just don't build anymore. So I was mildly curious about the interior and the exterior was pretty so that statement seemed safe to say. HA.

Then in October said house had a for sale sign in the yard and I said crap. We went and looked and it needed WORK. But I could see the "P word" (potential) as my dear ol Dad kept saying and I said crap. Then Jerrel said he loved it and I said crap again because I too loved the house. But it was in town. I've never lived in town. I've never wanted to live in town. There's too much town around when living in town. Town was never part of my plan. But the house had me smitten and I didn't want anybody else to have it. They might fix it wrong. Part of my possessive, obsessive, and competitive nature.

So we took it to the Lord and felt the nudge. We made the decision to move forward. Until the last signature was on the paper we just gave it up to Him to either make or break the deal. We were going to be ok with whatever happened. Snags in the process would arise and solutions would just be found. The way things just kept working out was crazy. Slowly but surely the only house I'd move to town for became ours.

So now town is part of the plan-rather this house is part of the plan, not the whole plan but this part and we are hesitantly happy. The house needs so much love and later this week I will do a home tour for you. I'm going to do my best to show progress and keep you all updated because it's already been quite the story! We are calling it The Craftsman and my new name is Nicole Curtis--I love Joanna Gains but Nicole "gets" old houses like I wanna "get" our old house. It's almost 100 years old. I love that. So we bought a house. A little house to make our home. Stay tuned it's going to get interesting.

Holy Crap. We bought a house.



  1. Congratulations Jessica and Jerrel and Milly Were almost neighbors I'm almost down the street from you!! I hope you like town life. I keep saying I need to move to the country its so much more peaceful out there!!! ;)

    1. Thank you Tami! We are just down the street, which is weird to say for me! We will try to not be too loud...kinda used to country type of noise though--where outdoor voices mean OUTDOOR voices. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys around!

    2. Oh Jess we live right next to the school so I don't think you need to worry about being loud!! Haha It will be nice seeing your family around too. Miss Millie is so adorable!!

  2. Your house<3 I love it! And Joanna Gaines and Nicole Curtis are two of my all time favorites!!!!! We would have so much fun together If Michigan and Neberaska were only closer... I can't wait to see the tour!

    1. Thanks Leah...and you don't know how many times I have thought the same thing! You need to get some pictures up of your new house...a white farmhouse is always so dreamy!