Snow Daze-Part 2

It's the much anticipated Snow Daze part 2! The next morning we woke to sunshine and stunning views. I looked out our sliding glass doors and got all sorts of verklempt, sentimental, and was feeling all the feels. The prairies, the wide open spaces, the freedom of it all gets me that way every once in a while. I'm weird. 

I said to Jerrel why would we live anywhere else. He doesn't get it, he was just ready to get outside because he's 8 years old. We got around, ate, and bundled up.

Millie ended up looking a little like Randy from a Christmas Story. But she was pretty in pink and pleased as punch to be outside really truly experiencing and playing long and hard in the snow for the first time.

I can't get up! I can't get up!

The snow and wind did some pretty amazing things. Giant drifts, filled the ditches to the brim, and made amazing waves.

Jerrel took to teaching Millie about snow forts and she took to the idea quite naturally.

Snow on the mittens meant they came off. She just couldn't handle it.

Sorry for the over exposure in the picture. I have to edit it a bit. My settings were hard to find for all the white! But it was good practice for this hobby photog. I love this picture though of fort building.

Suddenly our -rent-a-farm- area looks pretty quaint and dreamy in white.

And suddenly my daughter looks 5 years old. How does that happen? 

Again. Open spaces...all the feels.

Including the feeling that Chester is a ninny.

A funny ninny.

And a handsome one.

Daddy's are the bestest. 

I need some winter boots. Any recommendations? My garden boots aren't cutting it. Shocking I know. But I have a child now who loves to play in the snow so some good boots should probably be priority. And cute snow boots are also a priority.

Paths had to cleared for the cows to be fed so now we are surrounded by snow mountains. Jerrels dream. He almost went and got a snowboard and took off. He's hankering for some mountains and fresh powder.

Of course Millie thought she could climb herself up to the top. She is fearless. I love it about her and am terrified by it. Daddy came to save the day.

My people.

In the afternoon we made snow ice cream because everyone else was doing it and Millie loved the process! She is still grunting telling me about it!

Got it babe. I was there.

We topped with chocolate chips because Momma needs her chocolate and who doesn't like feeling like a rabbit visited the snow before you did? The snow ice cream was alright. A fun activity but not something I'll be craving anytime soon.

That was our snow daze. The last two days have been back to normal, business as usual and I like this business just as much. Thankful for two days home with Jerrel, our girl, and that crazy dog.


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