Snow Daze-Part 1

I've been home all week. Haven't left the yard and that's kinda a record for me. I also haven't seen my mom in 4 days. Another record. We had a blizzard around these parts. A real honest to goodness prairie blizzard. Some are still pretty bent outta shape about it and I can understand their reasons but I'm still doing my happy dance for almost 18 inches of snow. 

And yes I have dug out from it. I've scooped the walk, a path to the chickens, a path for the chickens, changed waters multiple times, fed extra and dealt with snowy boots, shoes and wet clothes. 

Still dancing. 

Monday Jerrel had to work. The snow was to start sometime that day. And with him getting off after dark I was a bit concerned. At 6 in the morning I had the forethought to say "Take a blanket with you to work, and a can of food. Tuna, maybe." So he did. Thankfully he made it home safe and sound Monday evening and we hunkered down. The next morning we woke to the blizzard and Jerrel woke hungry. He requested biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Chili and Cinnamon Rolls for lunch and he'd let me know what he wanted for supper. Apparently "blizzard" is synonymous for "gain twenty pounds." Breakfast was easy then I got the chili on and was missing an important utensil. Can opener. 

I asked Jerrel if he had seen it. He said "TUNA." Oh. Yeah. He had the forethought to grab the can opener...he's so bright. So it was in the car and I wasn't going out and he wasn't going out. He said, "Jesse (his brother) has used this before all the way around. I'll get them open." Jesse is an interesting fellow and my snow day just got a little more interesting.

And dangerous. As Jerrel walked away he said, "Don't cut yourself." I know he said this because he wasn't going to take me to get stitches in this weather. Thanks. 

Next was rolls and I had good help. 

Good, cute help. While we waited for the rolls to rise and bake we got our Valentines Day craft on.

Millie loves to paint and it's just my go to. I like her having free expression, no examples, or instruction. Just GO! I need to get some new tricks though. 

We got messy and so again, successful craft.

Rolls done.

Rolls frosted. That was snow day one. Jerrel was to go to work the next day. Thankfully he works at one of the best places. They called and already had reworked his schedule, all he had to do was ok it and he had snow day two to spend with us safe and sound. The roads were NASTY and the snow and wind didn't stop until evening on Tuesday.

We spent the rest of the day inside. Munching away at snacks and playing. Jerrel stained my BAKERS TABLE! and we watched a movie in the evening to round out the day. It was lovely. Stay tuned for Part 2.


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