Wanna Blade?

The other night Senor Smarty Pants and I did something we had wanted to do for a while. I have roller blades and man can I tear it up on those babies. My mom found some blades that would fit the young men in the family and off we went! On this night E was going to be home alone if Senor Smarty pants and I did not include him so he rode a bike. It was a very fun evening


Mary Mary Quite Contrary... Part 6

The Lone Lettuce Leaf.

While out in my harden the other day I discovered my one lettuce plant! It was hiding by a huge cabbage plant. You see, my lettuce was growing amazingly and then I guess it just got too hot and it was almost like they all burnt was strange. But one made it! And because of the large cabbage I didn't notice it! Also, the bugs have been really hard on my cabbage plants, so the lettuce apparently took advantage of that situation and grew strong! So I had some fresh lettuce and it was delish!



A Little Photography Snack...

These are just some pictures of my garden! As you can see, I love my zinnas!


I'm Back...I think...

So it's been a while. Ok, almost a month. That my friends is not responsible blogging. I have had some people say "Hey I've been checking the blog but nothing." Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. But as you can see these people have yet to really become "followers" of the blog so you will just have to take my word for it. They really ask me about it, alright! I wouldn't lie to you. It's not my style. I will tell you what I have told all of them. Why am I slacking on the blogging? Here's a phrase for ya: "Lack of inspiration." I suppose you could add to that "motivation" I have 3 temp jobs and a babysitting gig that I wouldn't give up for the world. And for some reason when I get done with these jobs for the day and I get necessary homework done the very last thing I wanna do is sit in front of my computer and type- a activity I previously enjoyed.

With this lack of inspiration comes frustration. That's the thing about having a creative spirit, you never really know when you are going to become almost, stale. Sometimes its just oozing out of you, like an itch you can't scratch and then other times-nothing-nada-zilch. Today I just felt awful about the lack of posts in the last few weeks and so here I am at one of my jobs-library fill in chick- and I'm sitting in the office talking myself through this. Literally, I am saying every word that I am typing. I find this helps get the juices flowing. I use this little trick when writing college papers that I am struggling with.

I have been looking for inspiration. I am trying to help myself! My garden-its beautiful it does a pretty good job. The sunsets- amazing they make feel inspired for a bit. I'm thinking a change of season will help. I always have the romantic idea that change of seasons brings out new possibilities and that my friends, really gets the creative juices flowing.