J&J lately

Jerrel Graduated Nursing School and accepted a job at a local hospital all in one week. 

I'm officially on summer break and twiddling my thumbs wondering how to live without completing focus questions, online assessments, and listening to lectures about phonemic awareness. 

We have found a place to live. It's a little house on a working farm. It has a fenced in yard and allows dogs. We are on the lookout for a canine companion once we get back from Michigan.

Speaking of canines I recently saw this dog and thought it was so "unique" it deserved a picture. Sorry if you think it's cute, Senor Smarty Pants does too. Sorry you have no taste too. Anyway when I tried to get the attention of the other ugly (there I said it!) dog, the person hiding/laying in the drivers side seat lifted both dogs to get a picture...oops. Faux pas. Glad he couldn't hear my comments.

I received my Student Teaching placement! I will be in C-town in the 2nd grade, with an awesome teacher, I've learned from her already. I might be a new person at the end of this experience.

After moving home, I'm certain that I have about 40 times more stuff than Jerrel. I'm calling Help for Hoarders tomorrow. Hope that made up counseling and cleaning service exists. I think I may be turning a corner though, I have gotten rid of about 6 grocery bags of clothes and other goodies. And the trash-I'm embarrassed about how much existed.

We've been learning more about companion planting and planning our garden. Nope, its not in yet, we had 30 degree temps Wednesday...not exactly gardening weather yet. Hopefully we won't be too far behind.

So that's us. In a nutshell. The month of May...finals, graduation, job, wedding, moving, boards, home improvement...whew I'm tired just typing it.



  1. Yay, for finding a house :) You can save the tent for another time then!

  2. We are so thankful we have found a house Alissa! It needs some love but we aren't afraid of that!