Wedding Wednesday But It's Thursday

I know, I dropped the ball. Failed to post a Wedding Wednesday ditty. If I said it was because I was so swamped with packing, planning, and other wedding To Do's I'd be fibbing to you. Big time. I just didn't get to my computer yesterday and a facebook sabbatical helped that-have you ever tried a break from facebook? It's refreshing!


Honestly, this week has been a lot of relaxing with a few loose ends being tied. I've planted the garden, baked for the trip, and spent lots of time with Lucy, poor baby doesn't get to go. But the real work begins today and will last until we leave Saturday morning-Packing. I've got a list going and the laundry is done, now I just have to get to it. Great.

Here's the list of things that have gotten accomplished this past week:
(Kudos to my mom to all-but taking over, I'm ready to be done with wedding decisions. Bless her.)

~Birth Certificate came in the mail-so I can officially get married.

~We went a scavenged for doors and other goodies for the reception(I'll show more after the wedding)

~We received the menu for Shanty Creek and its fancy and sounds delicious. Now I just have to decide what to eat, which might be one of the toughest decision of the whole process!

~Found and confirmed a florist, we will go Monday to put together a bouquet and boutonniere. It was easier to do it that way since I waited till last minute. Pray it works out, flowers are a big deal for me. Ironic that I waited last minute huh. Ha.

~I still need to fix a "thing" on my dress and take a look at Jerrel's suit to make sure it's all good to go.

~We are meeting with Tim tonight (our pastor) to talk about the ceremony and receive his "talk" he gives engaged couples. I'm sure I'll be enlightened and confused all at the same time, that's just how Tim works.

So that's the week in review and a late Wedding Wednesday. We leave Saturday to begin our adventure.



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