A Little Valentine.

Last year we had a pretty great Valentines Day. We were anticipating the birth of our babe. 

He got me beautiful flowers and one of my favorite children's books, All The Places To Love. 

This year I wanted to make it special. So I rushed around making supper cleaning the kitchen as I went. I hurriedly lit candles as Jerrel pulled in the driveway. I hid the last bit of clutter before he could walk in. I quickly realized though those things-this big production I was trying to put on wasn't what made our little Valentine dinner meaningful. Nope. It was the little things.

We had such a sweet Valentine's Day. We were in our PJ's. I made pizza in the shape of a heart. We enjoyed brownie sundaes and were just us. 

Millie shared her homemade graham crackers and I sat in awe of what a difference a year makes.

Best Valentine's Day ever. Right here. In our little house. With our little pizza, our little brownie sundaes, and our sweet little girl. I love living little.



11 Months of Millie

What? You think I have been avoiding the blog? Well that's...

The truth. The honest to goodness. If I'm lyin' I'm cryin', and I ain't shed a tear, fact.

Because it's the eleventh month. Because it's impossible that much time has passed. Because I just didn't want to write it all out.

But you know what else is fact? All the fun we have had this last month. While the passage of time somedays is startling, sad, and hard; the pure joy far outweighs the rest. I wouldn't want it any other way. Ok maybe a button to push to go back in time for just a little bit might be nice every once in a while. Overall though? Watching our girl is the most delightful and fulfilling thing there could be.

We started out our month learning about the goodness of bananas.

And while we still mostly prefer Momma's milk we will take a banana for a little while. Among other foods. We don't believe in "kid food" so Millie pretty much tries everything. We notice she likes some things more than others, but the girl will eat anything. We are staying away from sugar (except in fruit or veggies) and watching dairy intake still. Simply because dairy doesn't always make me feel that great and lactose intolerance runs in the family.

We took time for a little Valentines Day shoot downtown.

A million photos and one crash with the cement later we had a few acceptable shots.

The weather has been fabulous. We have been able to get out and play with Chester, ride our trike. and hang out in the yard with daddy while he plays with Chester or cleans up Chester's messes. 

Millie is still working on her model poses.

And still getting lotsa kisses from Chester.

Ack-get me some iodine! I've been kissed by a dog!

Best buds. 

Millie has helped me in the kitchen this month too. It's been nice to be able to put her on the counter. I can give her things to play with and she sits and watches.

Then we get to try the creations, which the girl is quickly learning is the best part of baking. 

The trike is wonderful to get out and about. See what I mean about the weather? January-no coat. It's nice but us snow bunnies wouldn't mind another big snow. I know, I know. 

Chester get outta my face. We say that a lot around our house. 

My daughter ladies and gentlemen. She is a goofy, kooky, nut. Just like her father. 

But she sure is a sweet nut. Like her mother. 

Millie started babbling this month. The thing about babies? One second they can't and the next they can. Millie had only been cooing, making mainly vowel sounds. One day Jerrel came home from work and she just started saying "dada, tst, tst, mama, mama, ka, ka," Like she came out doing it. I was amazed. Jerrel said "Man, you're chatty today." I said "Not with me!" Guess she wanted us both there for the unveiling of the new trick. 

Looking spiffy in her hoodie Gramacita and Paw Paw bought her for Christmas while in utero. Cannot believe she is big enough to fit into it!

Millie also dances to music. Baby doll loves music on commercials, the radio, anything. She starts bouncing around whenever we even mention dancing. It's SO cute.

Along with her future in BMX...

Millie heard that Chicken Soup was good for the soul so she figured it would be good for your hair too. One handful in the mouth another in the hair. She is starting at the Salon on Monday specializing in Chicken Soup Hair Masque. Leaves your hair sticking straight up and in knots, but oh so shiny. 

From 10 months to 11. 

We've learned to shake our head "no." We play with bubbles. Pretend things are a phone. Like to stir like  baking and be momma's helper girl. We try to blow kisses-if we want, but can give them to you if we are feeling generous-and thats ok. We know how to melt peoples heart with a sweet smile a cock of the head. The learning never stops. 

Today Millie leaves you with a kiss. 

Rightbackatcha girl.