A Little Valentine.

Last year we had a pretty great Valentines Day. We were anticipating the birth of our babe. 

He got me beautiful flowers and one of my favorite children's books, All The Places To Love. 

This year I wanted to make it special. So I rushed around making supper cleaning the kitchen as I went. I hurriedly lit candles as Jerrel pulled in the driveway. I hid the last bit of clutter before he could walk in. I quickly realized though those things-this big production I was trying to put on wasn't what made our little Valentine dinner meaningful. Nope. It was the little things.

We had such a sweet Valentine's Day. We were in our PJ's. I made pizza in the shape of a heart. We enjoyed brownie sundaes and were just us. 

Millie shared her homemade graham crackers and I sat in awe of what a difference a year makes.

Best Valentine's Day ever. Right here. In our little house. With our little pizza, our little brownie sundaes, and our sweet little girl. I love living little.


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