Daddy To Be Gift

Is it just me or do the Dad's kinda get left out during this whole "preparing for babe" ordeal? Baby showers are generally for the ladies-although Jerrel did attend two of the three we had and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Advice is generally directed to the Momma and even the outfits are bought with the idea of pleasing the lady with the baby in her. 

Some dads might not mind it so much, they are involved in other ways. But my husband? He likes to be in the know. He literally goes through every gift we receive and every bit of gear I pick up. My mom picked up an outfit a couple weeks ago that said "I love Mommy." Jerrel had something smart to say, something along the lines of "Not as much as I love dad!" This gave me an idea and with baby day approaching and Valentines Day I decided to put together a little Daddy To Be care package. A daddy baby shower gift of sorts. 

I spent a little time on Pinterest and Google to get some ideas but once I got going I really didn't need them anymore! In the back from left to right we have the burp rags I made, homemade truffles (topped with chocolate, nuts, or coconut, packaged in an egg carton), a book, My Dad Loves Me, Dad's Rootbeer, a sleeper, a onesie , and finally a jar of kisses-because babies need lots of kisses from daddy, mushy gushy stuff. 

The box is one that oranges came in at one time...and decided it would surely come in handy again. Well lookie there. It did. A basket that could be used for baby things would also be a great practical idea. 

I wanted the gift to feel like it was all about Dad and baby. Like how I feel at the baby showers. I decided to make tags for each item. They dressed the gift up and I was able to add some witty little sayings. 

Remember these? I folded them up and tied them and they looked special.

I was thrilled to find this brand in our local grocery store. Sometimes you just don't know if you will get exactly what you are looking for, but I did! They added some more whimsy to the whole gift.

This is by far my favorite gift for Jerrel and he seemed to be all over it, the truffles are about gone and the other things he seems to just like to look at-makes my heart happy.


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