What Have You Been Up To?

That's the question I get most generally when I go to town. People know I'm currently not working outside the home and I don't have a baby yet so what in heaven's name do I do with myself all day long?

Well a lot actually-somedays. I'm a busy body, kinda like my dad. Sitting around isn't really for me, my legs get this tingly feeling, my hands get jittery, I stop making any sense when I talk, I drool. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. But really, I don't do "doing nothing" all that well.

So I keep up on house stuff, laundry, dusting, rearranging things-you know the exciting things. Some call it nesting, but I've been on this track for months now. It's amazing how little I was able to get done around the house while in school 40 hours a week. Somedays I still feel like I'm making up for it!

I have been baking for our trip to Bellevue for birth. I've made some goodies that are easy to digest, high in protein, and will provide energy. I'm ruled by my stomach and the last thing I want to be is hungry and not able to do anything about it. So I'm prepared. The birth center encourages eating and drinking as much as you want and that's the 783rd reason why I love The Midwife's Place.

Jerrel is on leave now for 5 weeks. That gets some raised eyebrows. 1) Because that's a long time for a daddy. 2) Most people we know didn't take anytime-except for birth day off. Not this dad. People are really wondering what we are both doing with our time now.

The Olympics kept us at my parents house in the evenings for two weeks. Jerrel loves the Olympics. I like the summer games a bit better but enjoy the competition nonetheless.

We are dealing with a cat situation at our rental. Upwards of 17 cats, not friendly but hanging around because someone who works on the farm is feeding them near our house. Cats are gross opportunists. You feed them they will come. They hang around our door and fight all around the house. We are currently enacting a "Feline Relocation Program" FRP for short. I'll spare you the boring details for said program.

We also go to basketball games. This week begins subdistricts for Evans team. Go Trojans!

Baby has officially dropped. Just ask my bellybutton. It will scream at you. The day after it happened it was stretch mark city and the lines were and are red and painful. My religious application of coconut oil and essential oils couldn't prevent that situation. They could however, soothe the stinging and itching, I used a blend of Frankincense and Lavender. I spend a lot of time applying this mixture to that area.

I also spend a lot of time peeing. But you didn't really need to know that.

Jerrel's working on a baby blanket. It's darling and I can't wait to show you pictures. He's about done!

That's basically us. We are tired at bedtime so something must be working. Again, we are ever as busy, ever as blessed, and patiently letting God and baby pick birthday. In the words of Jerrel "Come out baby. Are you ever coming out?!" But this Momma will enjoy these last few days or weeks of baby in womb, comfy and cozy. Because it's special.


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