How We Handled the Stomach Bug Naturally

This post gives me the ickies to write. But because I'm an educator by nature I feel compelled to share. For sometime I've been doing research on holistic treatments for ailments, and have an oil cabinet that I put to work these days so I figured, why not share, educate, and write a little ditty to the blog world?

It was just over a month ago that I got up to use the restroom (the joy of pregnancy) to find my husband camped out on the dining room floor. I looked down the hall and said "Rell, are you ok?" He answered "Yeeeaaah." Then it hit me-the stomach flu. Now, if you know me, you know I have a phobia of gastroenteritis. Give me a bucket full of snakes and bag full of spiders and I won't freak like I do when I hear the words: Stomach flu. Seriously. My dear husband had camped in the dining room and actually cleaned the bathroom nearest me because of this knowledge. So what did I do?

I grabbed my oil book- Modern Essentials I found the symptoms and the protocols. I grabbed my computer and went to I also did some quick googleing. Here's what I ended up doing.

-I had Jerrel take two activated charcoal capsules. Have you ever read about activated charcoal? It's pretty good stuff. I learned about it here and here.

- I put 4 drops Frankincense (antiviral) and 4 drops of the Digestzen belnd (for pain and discomfort) in a little bit of water and had him take that.

Well, that didn't go over so well because within 30 min he was sick again. If I was to do that part over he would only get the charcoal and the oils would go topically until he could keep things down. 

-Next I rubbed the On Gaurd blend on his feet. This is to kill viral, bacterial, or even fungal infections. Your feet have large pores so they are an optimal place to put oils, as well as wrists.

-Since internally wasn't working so hot yet I gave him some peppermint to sniff. My husband says more is better so he may or may not have been on his way to hallucinating because of the amount he put on the cotton ball. NOTE: Your definition of "some may be 1-2 drops. His? 9 drops-or whatever comes out of the bottle is cool too. When I realized what had happened I took the peppermint away and put it on his spine, viruses like to hang out there. I also put the Digestzen on his abdomen. He ended up asking me to take that off because of the smell. I grabbed a wet wash cloth which I now realize, because of the water, only intensified the oil. However, he never did vomit again and started to get some relief after that. Happy accidents.

Soon things settled down and I sent him to bed. I then went in every hour and put On Guard on his feet. By that evening he was up on the couch and ready to eat something.

So then I had to deal with my phobia. Prevention. I put On Guard on my feet almost every time I went into his room, drank lemon in all my water. I looked up the flu bomb, took it 2-3 times a day for almost a week. I religiously took my prenatal vitamin-which is awesome. We avoided refined carbs or sugars. Fruits, veggies, protein-that was it. I made vegetable stock for his first meal back. Then used the rest of the stock to cook with for the next 3 or 4 meals. Think: chicken and rice etc. That evening I made him a hot compress with peppermint to continue to heal his gut area. It seemed to really finish up the soothing and healing.

So after all that what worked?
-On Guard. I swear by that stuff. I use it morning and night on my feet. Every hour on him seemed to kick the bugs butt quickly.
-The Flu Bomb-great prevention strategy when you've been exposed to something. I never even had a symptom!
-Peppermint Hot Compress-Very soothing.
-Activated Charcoal-even though he purged it-he didn't get sick again after and I probably would give him more later on if I were to do it over.
-Digestzen-the smell certainly bothered him but in the end with the charcoal and this it helped.
-FOOD-I can't express enough how much I think our diet impacted his healing, and my health. If only I could deny those raspberry cupcakes in the kitchen like I could that week...
-Cleaning, Holy Mother of Mary did I clean. My hands were raw from washing them. Lemon went in all our laundry. Door and drawer knobs were washed, washed and washed again. Don't ever underestimate cleaning.

My husband works in the hospital I'm sure this won't be the last time he brings home a bug. But guess what. I'm not helpless. I don't have to wait for it to get to me and run it's course. I also recently bought a diffuser so it can be another tool in our tool box.

So that's our icky story and little science experiment.


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