DIY Baby Products-Take 2 Burp Rags

Burp Rags, sometimes things get messy. Drool, water, spit up. Babies can be kinda gross. Thankfully that didn't deter me from having a heart for my own! I have made burp rags before but never like this. I think this pattern and technique is my favorite. 

I dug into my stash for some "manlier" options for a project that I will share with you later this week!  I decided on this bright plaid flannel as long as some other plaid in navy and red. For the back I used some coordinating fleece scraps. 

I cut my fabric 8x20 inches. This seemed to be a great size for coverage on the shoulder. 

Then put wrong sides together and stitched around the edge. I left about a 4 inch opening so I could turn my rag. Next I turned my rag and made sure my corners were nice and pointy using the eraser end of a pencil or something of the sort. 

Finally I folded, ironed, and pinned the edges of that pocket I left open to finish the rag. Then I stitched it shut and continued around the edge of the entire rag. It gives it a nice finishing touch. 

I decided to make a set of three and they turned out so very nice and very functional. I think this will be a project I keep in my back pocket for baby shower gifts. You could do a decorative stitch around the edge, colors that momma likes, the ability to customize is endless!

Stay tuned to see where these puppies found a home. It's pretty great...if I do say so myself.


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