Monday and Maternity

Maternity photography is a new thing. I like old things. I decided that this time I'll embrace the new. Until it came to the day of going. I was curling my hair and told Jerrel, I'd changed my mind. I was already sweating, my feet were swelling to the size of my bump, and the last thing I wanted to do was capture the moment. 

Boy, am I glad that my dear husband said we were still going, that I was beautiful, and that I had five minutes until we had to leave-so hurry up. 

We decided to get our pictures taken by Emily Davidson of Emily Davidson Photography. She worked with some of my family around Thanksgiving, Jerrel had her as an RA in college, and she ends each of her blog posts with a glory be to God phrase. It was a perfect fit. And lest I forget to mention how talented she is! She was totally on board with my idea of being inside-doing something and we decided on the library  I LOVE how they turned out it was so fun and so us. 

She did a wonderful job, I can't decide if I like the color or the black and white better on so many of the images she captured! 

See what I mean?!

Jerrel thinks it's funny how we are standing close but with a basketball between us. The little things humor him. Emily was so wonderful about not making me feel like I was totally on pregnant display. There was no heart over the belly button, grope your bump now, type of shots. I felt very flattered by the angles and shots she used.

Then there is these images. My friend Abbie made the necklace, Jerrel put it in my stocking for Christmas. With the coat or without? Good thing they will both fit in the album! 

We did head outside in the 10 degree weather and the lighting was stunning. We do love us some nature!

I braved the sweat, I braved the swelling. Emily captured some moments me of carrying our first child. We have photographs now of us in this season of life and that's a wonderful thing. I think these pictures are my favorite of us. We seem to be more "us" now than ever before. And it's a beautiful thing. 

This last picture was all Jerrel's idea. And after we left he said "I sure hope that one of me talking to the baby turns out." Well it did dear. It certainly did. 

Jerrel- "Hi little baby, wake up. Can you kick for me? Come on little baby. Little baby, remember I'm the cool one!" 

If he means cool in the temperature sense, then yes. No brainer. Otherwise...the jury is still out.

See more of Emily's work here and here.


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