I was up at 3:45 am. Yes, to watch the Royal Wedding that everyone and their dog was and still is buzzing about. I am fascinated by the Royals, their history, their present day role and lives and I for one was not going to miss this piece of history. I don't regret getting up one bit. 

Could she be anymore stunning?

I'll admit also, that one of the big reasons I got up was to see the fashion. I'm a sucker for looking at pretty
 dresses, and those hats!

Sorry about showing off the bald spot Prince William...but we are all looking at Kate's dress anyway! 

The wedding was beautiful, all of it. 

Ok. There, thats my post about the Royal Wedding. You shouldn't have to hear about it again. :) 

Click here to view the pictures I posted and much much more! This site has beautiful photos. 



Easter Weekend.

I know its Wednesday. But things are a bit nuts and this post has been a bit time consuming! I wanted to "play" with the pictures. 

I had a wonderful weekend...really busy and I actually am wondering where it went, but I do have proof it happened!

Aisi came over and we had fun baking, playing the "don't touch the ground covered in lava" game, picking tulips and dying eggs.

The 4 year olds steps to dying eggs are as follows:
"First you make the eggs. Then you color them." Said with hand gestures. I love her. 

 She took the coloring very seriously...
The eggs before.

 And after. 

This is the ONLY egg Senor Smarty Pants worked on the whole night.

Then came Easter Sunday. We went to church and hung out with one side and then went to dinner and spent the afternoon with the other. It was so nice. I loved getting together with almost all of one side. We hadn't been that close to having everyone in a long time and its kinda lot of people so that was an accomplishment! (Missed you Nattie and Antonio and Nate, Kate and Josie!) 

The day was filled with rejoicing, food, conversation, laughing-lots of laughing,

family feud,
bubble chasers, and
Hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine!




The trees are beginning to green up, like the picture I shared the other day...this tree has come interesting "embellishments."


Happy Easter!

(lyrics from "Glorious Day" by Casting Crowns.)
Hope you have a blessed Easter Sunday!




Is it raining, or gloomy where you are? Well it has been here...but I did get to see the sun yesterday!. I kinda like the melancholy feeling rainy days project, although I do miss the sunshine after a few days. But this picture should help brighten and lighten up the day!

So pretty. So delicate.


Conscientious Consumers

Senor Smarty Pants and I are trying to be smart and conscientious consumers.
 Basically this sums up the "rules" we have made for ourselves and try very hard to follow:

-No Walmart-if its there and not anywhere else, we can probably live without it. 
  -Buy from locally owned and operated businesses.
Shop at speciality stores- Meaning: clothes from clothing stores, shoes from shoe stores, furniture from furniture stores, etc. but the really big one: food from grocery stores, not WalMart or even Target (which I do enjoy) grocery stores are so much more enjoyable. Often they are locally owned, support them! Basically, go against the "one stop shop" idea.
-Buy American Made or Locally Made whenever possible.
-Appreciate the possible higher cost of American Made or Locally Made. Understand the importance of retaining these industries.  

Ok, step off my soap box for a moment. Senor Smarty Pants and I have been formulating these ideas for while and doing pretty good. The most recent one is "Shop at specialty stores." We love Target, but we found it time to step away and try our darnedest to break the habit of "just going to Target." If we need something that isn't carried at a specialty store, (eg. storage containers, DVDs CDs)  Target may be the choice, but for groceries and the other items, its not first on the list. These guidelines have helped me curve my bad habit of impulse buying. I'm not surrounded by as many options and vast differences in product lines. I go to get what I need and thats it. It helps us both stay focused and not spend as much on things we really don't need.

 So...we thought we needed a new challenge or rule. We decided to follow the trend of a year or two ago and get some shopping/tote bags. Not necessarily because we are "going green" but because its kinda common sense! Well...Hobby Lobby helped me find my first new reusable shopping bag:

I love it! And it describes how I feel about Sunflowers, aka, my favorite flower! Its great, durable, and super washable. It will also work for carrying my garden produce. 
Yes, I am actually this enthused about my new shopping bag! Now I just need to get my hands on a more "Masculine" option...


Year One!

Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog! 
Maybe I'll write more about you at a later time. Just know you are so fun! :)



The other night Senor Smarty Pants and I went on yet another walk, but that particular night we had some company when we came to a pond.
They were fun to watch. 

Doesn't even look real...but I promise it is! 


Spring + The Nikon

Spring is in full swing...except for the probable cold front that will begin moving through in the next few days. But besides that, I have been out and about almost every evening, walking, rollerblading, and taking some shots of signs of spring. So for the next few days you will be seeing some of those! 

I love that the trees are beginning to look alive. 


kids say...

Connor is 3 almost 4 and "Growin' up so FAST!" He tells me this often. I babysit him and his brother at least once a week and he is so entertaining, kind hearted, and honest.

He says his "B"s and "P"s as "F"s so words like "brother" come out as "frother" It is so cute, and I have to make sure I don't visibly chuckle when this happens. But it makes it very hard when his little brother is crying and he will come up and say "Owen its ok, I'm right here, I'm your frother!" His kindness and thoughtfulness makes me melt, and so does the pronunciation of "frother."

Because Spring is here we talk about growing a garden (he wants one so bad!) and how God makes things grow and makes them yummy! He tells me what he is going to plant and asks what I am going to plant.

While lounging on the floor in the warm sun, in front of the sliding glass door, Connor brought up "Freschool." He loves freschool. He has friends he talks about all the time, he makes "stuff" and loves show and tell. We were talking about freschool and while looking outside Connor came up with this detail about one of his friends:

"I love Rubi. She has cute mouth talkin' and is so fretty."

Then he just went on with the next thing that popped in his head. He has said that Rubi is very nice before. So sweet.

Ahh, the things kids say.



A Few Little Updates...

So I realized I have brought up some topics but haven't really updated the blog on any of the happenings.

Aaron made it to state FFA in welding! He is competing this weekend. He was pretty excited! I know I hadn't ever brought that up but I just wanted to share. So proud of him!

I added a major. I haven't been too enthralled with the Education Program, mainly because it seems redundant and not exactly challenging, basically something just isn't right. So when I went to my advisor and said, "Megan I'm bored." like a spoiled 8 year old, she helped me find a new major, Family Studies. Hopefully this will meet my interests in family's and help chill the "I just want to be a mom." fever down for a while. So Elementary Ed and Family Studies are my majors now. I think it will create great marketability and be very interesting, I like the idea of working with the family unit.

Last but certainly not least, the most important and exciting news: Senor Smarty Pants got into UNMC Nursing School! Praise the Lord! He was so excited. I cannot express the joy I felt seeing the joy in his eyes. That moment is going down in our history as one of my favorites. :) He got in the K-town division so thats extra exciting and brings relief! I was and am so proud of him, I wanted to tell everyone...and I pretty much did tell everyone I saw...or I prompted him to. 

Those are all the update I can think of for now...I might be adding more know my mind is a scattered place. :)



Pretty Little Bags.

I opened a box from Senor Smarty Pants and this is what was inside:
Chopsticks! Real ones! In the prettiest little crimson bags! We eat Chinese about every Friday (yes we are ridiculously creatures of habit.) we always use the wooden chopsticks they provide. We are getting pretty good at it, if I do say so myself. So often though, the chopsticks are warped, not the same length, sometimes I even worry I may get a sliver. I know I'm kinda lame. But anyway, we had been talking about how we should get some real chopsticks and here we go!  Now I just gotta remember them on Fridays... :)