Easter Weekend.

I know its Wednesday. But things are a bit nuts and this post has been a bit time consuming! I wanted to "play" with the pictures. 

I had a wonderful weekend...really busy and I actually am wondering where it went, but I do have proof it happened!

Aisi came over and we had fun baking, playing the "don't touch the ground covered in lava" game, picking tulips and dying eggs.

The 4 year olds steps to dying eggs are as follows:
"First you make the eggs. Then you color them." Said with hand gestures. I love her. 

 She took the coloring very seriously...
The eggs before.

 And after. 

This is the ONLY egg Senor Smarty Pants worked on the whole night.

Then came Easter Sunday. We went to church and hung out with one side and then went to dinner and spent the afternoon with the other. It was so nice. I loved getting together with almost all of one side. We hadn't been that close to having everyone in a long time and its kinda lot of people so that was an accomplishment! (Missed you Nattie and Antonio and Nate, Kate and Josie!) 

The day was filled with rejoicing, food, conversation, laughing-lots of laughing,

family feud,
bubble chasers, and
Hope your Easter was as wonderful as mine!


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