kids say...

Connor is 3 almost 4 and "Growin' up so FAST!" He tells me this often. I babysit him and his brother at least once a week and he is so entertaining, kind hearted, and honest.

He says his "B"s and "P"s as "F"s so words like "brother" come out as "frother" It is so cute, and I have to make sure I don't visibly chuckle when this happens. But it makes it very hard when his little brother is crying and he will come up and say "Owen its ok, I'm right here, I'm your frother!" His kindness and thoughtfulness makes me melt, and so does the pronunciation of "frother."

Because Spring is here we talk about growing a garden (he wants one so bad!) and how God makes things grow and makes them yummy! He tells me what he is going to plant and asks what I am going to plant.

While lounging on the floor in the warm sun, in front of the sliding glass door, Connor brought up "Freschool." He loves freschool. He has friends he talks about all the time, he makes "stuff" and loves show and tell. We were talking about freschool and while looking outside Connor came up with this detail about one of his friends:

"I love Rubi. She has cute mouth talkin' and is so fretty."

Then he just went on with the next thing that popped in his head. He has said that Rubi is very nice before. So sweet.

Ahh, the things kids say.


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