Wedding Wednesday

Time for my Something Old. It will more than likely go in my flowers.

There is a Cameo that has been in my family for years. And if my genealogy is correct it was my Great-Great Grandmothers, Ethel Gates. She died in 1920 when my Granny (Great Grandma) was just a little girl and this cameo was handed down to her. Not sure where it came from before then. It became a tradition for the brides in my family to wear this beautiful and historical piece. 

Back in October I hinted to Grandma that she should have Aunt Ardes locate and fix the piece because I might be needing it this coming Spring. She promptly picked up the phone and went to her bedroom. I could still hear half the conversation. 

Grandma: Ardes?...Do you have Mom's cameo?...Now, you just keep still about this, but we might be needing that here soon....Jessi, in the Spring....Ok, you could bring it here and we could go get it fixed together...Alright, I'll talk to you later. 

Is that not the sweetest conversation on the planet? "You just keep still" That melted my heart and became my new favorite saying. It made me miss not having a sister. 

Well the weekend of my shower the cameo made it's appearance and it was all I could do to not tear up at the sight and touch of something so valuable to the women in my family's heritage. A way to again feel connected to them all...clear back to the lady that passed at that young age in 1920. And I know that they would and will all be thrilled that I am wearing this piece.

It is such a blessing to have the cameo and it's history with me on that special day.

That's this weeks Wedding Wednesday!

2 Weeks! Unbelievable.


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