I know, I haven't been too active. But my computer time has consisted of writing and submitting mock lesson plans. Does it make me a rotten Education major to say its been kinda a drag? Anyway, the class is done and now my computer time will be spent on catching up on reading other blogs and writing my own!

My Garden:
It was looking so sad. I even replanted lots of stuff. I put some Miracle Grow on my tomatoes and peppers and well, hoped for a miracle. There goes my hope for an "organic garden." I think it worked though. They look like new plants.

My Job:
It's fun, but exhausting, nap time is a good time. The boys are great and B1, as Aaron calls him, is so helpful and fun to do activities with. I have enjoyed answering many, many questions and helping B2 master the skill of walking.

I'll be back!


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