1 Month of August

Since the boy is turning two months this week I should probably get his first month in review up to date! The newborn fog is beginning to lift around here and we are finding a rhythm just in time for the kids to throw in a kink and we have to re-find said rhythm. Kids. Right?  

My babies already have the sweetest relationship and I love it. Millie adores him. She is such a little Momma. It makes my heart soar to watch her. And he loves her and all her wild and crazy songs and kisses. So many kisses.

When August was born is was a cold, nasty March day. We had some cold days there after and then Spring suddenly showed up. I spent my days on my front porch, it's my new favorite place. We nursed and rocked and napped. While Millie rode her trike.

Millie decided he should be called "Luke Skywalker." She now only says it when there is an audience. But we have the photo with the light saber to prove that the force is strong with this one.

And thus ends my knowledge and interest in Star Wars. I just don't get it.

Sleep. It's a beautiful thing. And until you are a parent you don't really understand how beautiful it is. Because you miss it. You need it. You want it. But you can't have it.

This boy however, he likes to sleep. And he can sleep without being held which is a whole new ballgame for these parents. He takes long luxurious naps, in his seat, in the car, in his swing, laying beside me. It's mind blowing.

Of course he doesn't sleep quite as well when his big sister gets right up in his face and "whispers" "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Yeah, really helpful Mills. Thanks.

Jerrel was home for 6 weeks for August's birth and it was absolutely wonderful and needed. We all enjoyed the time together and it really helped with everyone's transition and bonding.

Like Millie, this boy just looks right through you sometimes. And I wonder what his beautiful mind is thinking.

August at 1 month old. I just love him. And his expressions. He keeps me grounded when Millie's threenager antics are in full force. 

Does that say something about my sanity? That a little tiny baby keeps me grounded? Probably.

Seriously, that is one handsome dude.


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