Kansas Anymore-A Mini Vacation

Ever want to run away from home? As an adult? Well last week I did and the feeling conveniently lined up with a mini vacation we'd been planning. Jerrel had a cousin graduating so we decided to make a trip out of it. It's just that it was in Kansas. And Kansas isn't exactly known for it's tourism. Actually I'm not really sure what Kansas is known for. But I'm from Nebraska so really, what do I know? 

Almost to the Oklahoma border, we really felt like we were gettin' outta town. We did a little looking before we left so we could have some fun with the kiddies. The Garden City zoo was perfect. Lee Richardson Zoo. About an hour from our destination we got out stretched our legs and saw some animals.

Free and fun. Right up our alley. 

Thanks for the warning.

Giraffes are my favorite. They are just so very unique, and odd, and beautiful.

This one was especially friendly because on Saturday they have "Giraffe encounter" where you can feed them. This cutie knew Saturday was only a day away!

Just so darn striking.

We found some flamingos. Their colors inspired Millie girl.

Inspired her to tell her uncles ALL the animals were pink. 

Can't blame her the pink is beautiful.

The boy liked the zoo and the chance to get outta his seat. He is a pretty good traveler but was ready for a break.

Crazy monkey. Lee Richardson Zoo. Check it out if you are in the area. It's beautiful and just enough for your littles. You can also ride your bikes and such. It's really more of a park with some pretty cool animals involved.

Next up is Liberal KS. We stayed in this town and checked out the sites. Liberal has claimed the title of "Home of Dorothy." We visited the museum and took a little tour they have where they tell the Wizard of Oz story. It was cute and small town. We enjoyed it. The picture above was taken to the tune of munchkins. Millie enjoyed it but may have been a little lost. We haven't shown her the movie yet.

During lunch this little guy needed to eat and he is currently looking everywhere while nursing. Doesn't want to miss a thing. So nursing in a quiet spot just goes smoother. So I ran to the car to nurse and change him.

I don't mind hanging out in the car with this cutie. Then upon returning Millie decided to be a threenager and I ended up back outside for a little chit chat. My lunch was transferred to a "to go" box and it was then forgotten in the hotel fridge so I never did finish my pasta.

Mom life. Right?

We found a couple cute shops downtown Liberal did some shopping, went to graduation, ate good food, Millie got bit by a was a full day!

But the main event for our girl was the pool. Always the pool. It's the little things and I love watching her swim. I love watching her and her Daddy interact. So much fun to be had in a silly hotel pool! 

It was a weekend well spent. With undivided time together on Mother's Day it was just what I wanted. Today I've been digging in the dirt so it's a good Monday following a great weekend. So I guess Kansas wasn't such a lame mini vacation spot. But for the record, WE WERE ALMOST IN OKLAHOMA! ...not that makes much difference. But it does sound better. Right?

There's no place like home.


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