Me and House Hunters

I have been having more fun with photography. I've been learning more and more simply by trial and error because reading things about photography isn't really interesting to me. I learn best by just jumping into things and learning as I go, I don't even know what the user's manual for my camera looks like.

I've learned a lot about lighting and angles, settings and other things in the last few weeks and I like how and where things are going. I know that photography is the "in" hobby right now and it seems everyone and their dog as a camera, a, big fancy camera and thinks they are a professional. I'm not claiming to be one and my photos come guessed it, trial and error and a little bit of a creative eye.

I'm learning that I love photographing things. People are great, but I really love looking at nature, architecture, old junk, and animals through the lens. I believe I will never have enough pictures of sunsets, clouds, pretty flowers, and...old junk, including cool buildings. This should not surprise anyone who has simply glanced through my blog.

But I have a confession. The other day I was wanting a new camera. (Today I still want...) A bigger camera, I love my Nikon S8100- even though I don't know what that means, but I wanted something that sure, "looked" a little more professional, but also made a cool clicking noise when I took a picture, and that would take even better pictures than the camera I had now. Upgrade is what I was thinking. I oould still keep the Nikon and it could be my "fits in my purse/coat pocket camera. Absolutely nothing is wrong with the camera I have now. It's convenient and a wonderful piece of equipment, plus its the first big gift that I ever received from Senor Smarty Pants.

After I spent an hour watching House Hunters on HGTV I realized I needed to take a step back from my wants. I spent that hour thinking the people on that show were so shallow. They had a list of needs that they would not concede on. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, granite, pool, etc, then they saw a place with a media room and that became a "need." I sat there and judged them for the 30 minutes they were on and then a new episode started and a whole new family with a whole new list of "needs" came on. But who am I to say anything as I sit there with my wonderful camera, wanting and almost to the point of "needing" a bigger one? What could I do with that money instead? I could probably sponsor two of little Rui's friends in China for the cash that I was about to whip out for a new shiny piece of equipment. So does that mean that I will never upgrade cameras? Probably not, it just means that the camera is lower on the list of things that need taken care of. Prioritizing, it isn't always fun (is it ever fun?) but it's so necessary.

Sure, my desires were different than the people on House Hunters, but they came from the same place. And I don't like that place. I feel greedy in that place and I refuse to camp out there.


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