We Saw A Lot Of Rocks: part 1

As promised I'm back with information from our vacation, or as I've decided to call it: Holdiay, because I wish I had an English accent and just like how they talk. Hope that's alright with y'all, Can I combine Southern and English accents? Youbetcha-my blog, my rules. 

As I was going through my pictures I decided to do the Holiday in segments. I have a lot of pictures, we did a lot of different things and a mile long blog post is not very much fun to write-let alone take the time to read. 

So we started out the trip by eating at Ole's in Paxton. It's a bar that has a lot of history. They started out as just a bar-no food. Ole loved to hunt and during the 30s', 40s', and 50s', he traveled the world hunting whatever his heart desired, having it mounted and displayed in his bar. Then it became a steakhouse and bar and thankfully after Ole couldn't take care of it anymore the new owners kept the place open and it's still kicking. It's a really neat place to eat! 

PEATA-if you happen to be looking, please don't get on my back for this photo. Thanks.

I stated that I would love to go to Chimney Rock. So Chimney Rock we did. This would count as Rock #1. It's really interesting to me how different it looks in different lighting. It definitely has "moods," if you will, I noticed them in just the hour we were there.

I remember going to Chimney Rock when I was little and thinking it was cool. That was during my Pioneer stage and so I absorbed everything I could about pioneers, even just the things they saw-like this rock. I so badly wanted to go and see if the names they carved were still there, but they don't let you get that close.

This trip could also be called "We Saw a Lot of Native American Stuff" because well, we saw a lot of Native American stuff. I liked these moccasins, so I took a picture. Maybe I should bead mine...

We finally got to Fort Robinson-I feel like this place is my happy place. It's fresh, it's old, and it's relaxing. I just can't help but love it. We stayed in one of these buildings. They are the oldest remaining buildings on the Fort. 

They come with basically everything, you just bring your food and clothes. I had to capture this moment of Evan touching a dishrag. It was monumental. 

Saturday, I woke up and didn't feel so well. I half-heartedly went to the museums, and walked around a bit then slept the rest of the afternoon. The boys wanted to go "bluff climbing." I sent my camera with them and they were off, on an undesignated trail mind you, but I was not along to be the voice of reason. They still got some good pictures. 

Evan just got a new iPod and downloaded instagram-he's now addicted and thinks he can take awesome pictures, some don't turn out too shabby.

I sometimes wonder if Senor Smarty Pants grew up just 14 miles away from me or if he was actually raised on a mountain were climbing was required, it's almost an innate sense of his. Just a little odd. But it does fail him occasionally-he can get in quite the predicaments.

After looking at this picture I'm ok I didn't go, I don't like heights so much and this picture makes me nervous.

Now this picture I'm impressed with! I just love those bluffs! 

 And this one, they did a good job.

 There's a nice little lake you are allowed to fish on too, I'm telling you guys, if have not been up to Fort Robinson you need to go. It's just one of those places you should run around and explore.

LOTS of room for a fun game of 500. I believe this catch would have been worth 157.5. That makes it easy to keep track of your score- NOT.

Ok, I'm ready to go back now.


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