Whew. It's about back to normal around here...except for the big pile of graduation gifts sitting in the corner of our living room. 

Last weekend was filled with cooking, cleaning, and me having to brush my hair and put on mascara, which by Sunday I would have been fine with never doing again. 

Our garage looked so nice when we got it all cleaned out. We have a little secret to getting most of the stuff out...we simply "throw" things in the boat and then pull the boat out and park it in the Quonset. But then we do have to clean out the window sills, sweep a couple times and cover up a few things that won't fit in the boat.  

What is this? Oh this is the tree outside the gym, where graduation took place...what are those on the tree? Ladies undergarments? YES. I thought this was a pretty funny and harmless prank, and I was pleased that they remained there for the ceremony. The boys wouldn't stop so I could get a decent picture when we went to see it before graduation, they didn't want to become "suspects."

We had really good seats, second row, right behind Aaron. I think he may have been a little less than thrilled with that set-up. 

Our little Alli D made such an excellent speech. It made me tear up, she is such a talented lady. 

Senor Smarty Pant's brother graduated too. I made sure to not make eye contact with their mother, it may have been bad news. 

The big moment! 

Aaron's cake. Doesn't it look great? Exactly what Aaron wanted! It was delicious. 

In all the hub bub of the party, translation: I was busy holding my teeny tiny, new baby cousin and I did talk to some people, I didn't get any pictures of the party. And while, Aaron and his achievement was the main event of the evening, we had another big mile-stone. Look below: 

I think I shall call this photo "Senor Smarty Pants Conquering His Fear." He likes babies and even is thinking about working with them in his nursing career, but he has always seemed to keep a safe distance from them, especially wittle ones like baby E, meaning he likes them from my arms, cause I'm kinda a baby magnet. But he finally did it! I had to document it.

It was a wonderful weekend and wonderful celebrations. 


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