Fall, Football, Freeze.

Tomorrow is fall.

This chick has been going to football.

That means it's time to get out the mittens, hat, scarf, (yes!) and double up on socks and prepare to freeze.

Aaron is a senior. No I don't want to talk about it thanks for asking. Evan is a freshman, another unbelievable fact. Both boys are doing well in their respective positions, that I happen to know nothing about. It's just something ok-lots of things that prevent me from truly grasping football in it's entirety. Something about my true enjoyment of people watching, and then all the technicalities that there seem to be in the sport. Maybe I've just made that complication up-either way I think it exists and I can't just "get it." But I go, I watch, and I cheer when I understand what is going on.


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