{If you can't take the heat}

As I was reading a mean...doing an extensive amount of enlightening homework...I realized that I have forgot to post something that is one of my new favorite things! This summer Senor Smarty Pants and I had quite the conversation, it went something like this. 
Me: "Look Senor Smarty Pants I made you a tasty new dessert, how do you like it?" 
SSP: "Mmm, this is good, You know that's why I keep you around right? To bake me delicious treats like this. Come to think of it you look good in this kitchen." 
Don't worry Senor Smarty Pants is really not a chauvinist, who thinks women are only valuable in the home, he just likes baked goods...made specially for him. 

Well I had mentioned that I would like an apron and a cute one at that, well look what he showed up with one day:

Photo By: Alli D Photography 
Cute Huh?! It looks like a little dress! And the style is called "Audrey." I'm a Hepburn fan. I love having the pocket. Its so handy. I do think I am going to sew a little button on the side and fix some towels so I can hook a towel to my side (Grandma's brilliant idea). Good Work Senor Smarty Pants.


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