Yeah...I didn't get a "mum's the word monday" picture posted. But I have good reason, I promise. I spent yesterday "Unplugged." I was out working in my garden, it was so beautiful out yesterday, and I decided I didn't want to waste my time in the house watching TV, mindlessly cruising around on Facebook, or even paying attention to my phone. So I decided to go "Unplugged." It was great. I got things done that I wouldn't have otherwise.
 I so enjoy my blog, and Facebook helps me keep in touch with many people. TV is many times my escape, just change it to "Food Network or HGTV and forget about everything else. My phone is a bit of a crutch and it's much more important when I'm away from home, or Senor Smarty Pants. Yesterday it was nice to put these things back into their place. I was present all day long, it was wonderful.

So that's why mum's the word monday is missing, I will maybe plan a little better next time...or not. 

I will be "Unplugged" another day very soon. I really think it should become a weekly thing for me. 


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