My B-Day

 I know it's been almost a week...but I had a few highlights I wanted to share.

I could get flowers everyday and still be awestruck by the beauty of each petal. I just love flowers...especially in paper.

It is awsome how a nice lunch with a good friend can totally make your day brighter. Not to mention the fact that Jimmy John's bread should be outlawed it's so good.

.A quiet afternoon. 
Well kinda. While I was blessed with many birthday wishes my afternoon was quiet and spent basically alone. I spent the time reflecting and in thanksgiving on how blessed I truly have been over the last 21 years.

.Grandma's Stew.
I think the title alone is pretty self explanatory on why this was a highlight. Oh and angel food cake!

Maybe not what lots of people do on their birthdays but I had some complications with other plans and had been wanting to see "The Help." So worth it! 

.Dessert Take II.
Senor Smarty Pants made me a cheesecake dessert type thing. Due to some health issues, I've been on a pretty strict diet, so he went out of his way to make me something similar to my craving of cheesecake with, get this-Tofu! 

You know what's more awesome than getting anew pair of adorable and insanely comfortable Toms? Knowing that now there is one less kid who is in need of a pair of shoes. 

And my favorite: 
.A Teapot.
While eating my oatmeal my Grandma picked up an old teapot that had been sitting on the counter for over a week (I thought it was a decoration or something) she then said "Here's your present, Happy Birthday!" It was odd and humorous and I wouldn't have it any other way. Mom says Grandma is getting more and more like her own mother-things might just get very interesting. I'm glad I get to experience it.


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