Give and Take

Senor Smarty Pants made me go shooting. And when I say "made me" I don't mean it in the literal form. You see, Senor Smarty Pants doesn't "make" me do anything, except make him sweets, refill his water bottle, think, shake my head in confusion, and laugh. So that whole "made me" phrase I used earlier? Yeah take that with a grain of salt. I just said it for effect, because I'm dramatic like that. 

Senor Smarty Pants likes to go shooting. This little factoid about him didn't really come to my knowledge until oh last Spring. I don't know if he has been repressing this hobby for over 3 years or what but thats obviously a whole other conversation. I however, am not a fan of guns, I understand and can even support the 2nd Amendment. And don't think for a second its because I haven't been exposed. I live with hunters. I was actually forced to go through and pass a Hunter's Safety course (thanks dad) and you know what? I passed- with flying colors. All George, the Game Warden had to say to me was "Well, Jessica, you did really good, I didn't even know you were paying attention the last 6 weeks." I'm just not interested in looking at guns, talking about guns, shooting guns, you get it. But, it was my turn to give, and so for the second time in my life, I went shooting with Senor Smarty Pants. 

There was this stool so I was happy to sit and watch. I had my camera and a happy face on so I was ready to tolerate my time out there.

Then I started looking around and WOW the light was awesome. I started snapping away. 

It was like my eye was on high alert. Suddenly everything look photogenic. Everything needed to be captured. 

The colors, the textures they were all jumping out at me and I had to catch them all.

While on this escapade I realized what the huge difference was. It was in fact the light. The perfect lighting, that is so time sensitive. I knew in a matter of minutes it would change drastically and everything wouldn't seem to glow as it was right then.

I was oohhing and awwing over this light when Senor Smarty Pants said "See, I told you it wouldn't be so bad, I knew you'd have fun." Until now I didn't even validate his statement by acknowledging it. I was too into the light and didn't want him to puff himself up too much by knowing that I knew he was right. 

But right in the middle of my snapping the camera reminded me of a fatal mistake. I forgot to charge it. So I hurriedly went through my mental list. and snapped away.

There was so much old and rustic stuff, I wanted to get it all and now looking at this photo I'm wishing I'd got a different angle. One to showcase the light that I had just discovered is so very important to a good picture. I really learned a lot in my little shooting extravaganza. 

All this was happening while Senor Smarty Pants was doing shooting of his own.

We meant business out there in the pasture. And you know what? I even put down my weapon of choice after it died and shot the gun a bit. You'll have to take my word that it happened. I wish I could prove it to you with a photo. I hit the target. Maybe I'm a natural dead eye and I just didn't want to make people feel bad. Maybe that's what's my subconscious is really telling me when I don't want to go shooting.

I guess that could be the case, but probably not. 


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