Face the Facts

My break is coming to an end. That statement is almost physically painful to admit. So we are going to move away from it here quickly so I can stay in this happy little place called "denial." I'm not really dreading my classes-actually dare I say it- I'm intrigued by them. It's just the whole moving on from break thing that stinks.

But I am afraid of one thing: prying myself out of my pajama pants for more than the time it takes to shower. You know-like for class and stuff-like all day.

I've become quite accustomed to my thermals, and those fleece pants that are softer than normal fleece, and then I can't forget about my flannels that fit just right. Oh and my classic sweats, and the always so wonderful yoga pants.

That's a lot of "ands." Sorry about that.

Am I too attached? Am I the next star of "Intervention?" Or maybe some new ridiculous TLC series?

You know what? Let 'em come, I don't care, I'm not ashamed! I'll be here, waiting in my flannel.


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  1. Flannel is by far one of the greatest creations to be worn on the body.