A Festival!

We've got plans this weekend. Living in a small town means the yearly small town celebration comes around well...yearly. But while the parade, food, fireworks, and fun are something to look forward to I've got another event going on this weekend I'm excited about.

Abbie is a friend who owns the farm. She, my mom, and I are friends. We love Jesus and junk and while this festival was Abbies' brain child, mom and I were thrilled to throw our hat in the ring and help with the festival. Mom and I have made some things and repurposed some things to sell as well as helped with ideas, logistics and merchandizing. And while I would have loved to have made more and helped more the 3.5 month old currently chewing on my foot hasn't been so eager or helpful. But we are in the home streatch. Tomorrow the droves of people will show up at the darling farm (only slightly jealous of Abbies' home place.) and see all the hard work, long hours, and creative juice Abbie and her family has put in.

So come on out if you are anywhere in driving distance! It's bound to be a good time. There are SO many cool and cute things, food, goats, face painting, and junk! And if you see a tag that says "one little lady & her momma" Buy the item. Help Millie with her college fund...Hopefully they will teach her to not chew on peoples feet.

The Quaint Little Farm Festival- June 21st from 9-6. Be there or be square!


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