My Water Baby

Millie is a fan of water because after all "She was born in it." That's what we always say it makes some kind of difference. But maybe it does, because girlfriend loves water, the feel, the sound, or watching-it doesn't matter.

My Grandparents have a pool. I bought her a swimsuit at a garage sale. A pink one, with polka dots.

And a tutu. 

Because when you a little and cute you can wear those types of things. I'm not usually into that kind of girly stuff, but this one was too cute to pass up! 

It was toasty and humid and so we thought we should put the swimming pool and the suit to good use! We donned our swimming attire and headed out.

Jerrel loves the water too. He couldn't wait to get baby girl in. The feeling was mutual.

She made a couple rounds of the pool with Dad and stopped long enough to give mom a crooked smile for a picture.

My favorites.

Then it was Grandpa's turn to get ahold of her. He bounced flounced around and Mills loved it! 

I have the cutest baby in the land! 
 We are in the beginning stages of teaching Millie to surf. We just want her to have a marketable skill here in Nebraska, the job market can be a nightmare.

And here's my other water baby. Isn't he darling?

Ahh nothing like an evening at a private pool. I think I will be spending many more out there with my water baby(ies).


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