Thankful...Oh Brothers

I have two rowdy, suddenly bigger than me, ornery brothers. I love them dearly and though they would never admit it, I..."think" they like me too. They are fun, funny, smart, helpful and "strong!"

First we have Aaron. He is three years younger than me...that puts him at 17 eek..doesn't seem possible. Aaron has always been my buddy. Poor kid, I had him dress up and put makeup on with me when we were cute and small. I think he is a genius on the guitar. He had some lessons but he is so good at just picking stuff up. It brings me great joy when I am at home and I get to hear his playing throughout the house. He is mild mannered...until you get him really mad. He doesn't say much most of the time, but I love talking with him. He is the first to taste test anything I make. He works hard at everything he does, even if it doesn't come easy. People instantly like A, its hard not to. He listens to me when I give advice on what he should wear and I genuinely love spending time with him and miss him when I am at school. Oh so thankful for A.

Now Evan. This. Kid. Is. Something. Else. He is a smart aleck and loves to talk. More than he likes to listen! He is six years younger than me...that puts him at 14...again...eek doesn't seem possible! He is tall and thin. Extremely talented at any sport he does and ridiculously smart. Mom tries to tell him to study...he doesn't and gets a 98% on the test...what can she say? Study to get those two points?! He is so helpful as well. All I have to say, "Evie Pie, (yes that is the nick name I have given him, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!) will you get me (enter thing I don't want to get up for here) and he is so great. Water, a blanket, a snack, advil, whatever I need. :) E is fun to visit with, and he loves to visit. There are also times where we have to have "quite time" because E has been chatting for quite a while. Mom says I was just like that, maybe so...I am so thankful for E!

I love hanging out with my brothers. They have become more like friends. Sure they may drive me nuts but they are so funny and help me do one of my favorite things: LAUGH!

I am oh so thankful for my little...bigger than me brothers.


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