Thankful...Senor Smarty Pants!

Today I am thankful for, wait I take that back I am thankful everyday for Senor Smarty Pants. You had to know I couldn’t go these seven days and not mention him! He is the best, simply the best. He is patient, kind and oh so smart! I could brag about him everyday, all day. He lets me think I am the boss. He listens to me talk and talk and talk and when I am upset he lets me stay mad and then knows just when to help me cool down. He takes care of me in every way possible, in ways I am sure I don’t even recognize.  He encourages me and helps me with my homework. I know he will always support me. 
We have been friends for years, he came to my school in the 7th grade. Although I don’t really remember him until the end of my 8th grade year. He is just too quiet! Then we were friends for a year or two then drifted, then became dear friends again, getting especially close the end of our Junior year and summer before our Senior year, then well...we are here. The fact that he is my forever best friend is my favorite part of us. 
The greatest thing about Senor Smarty Pant’s patience? He waited for me. He told me that he always like this crazy, chatty chick, although I didn’t give him the time of day in that aspect for literally YEARS. He listened to me blab about other boys, but he was patient and says he just “knew” I would come around, he just had to be patient. Maybe that’s the “touch” of ego he has. Otherwise he his not cocky. Competitive yes. Cocky no. 
So I am oh so thankful for my Senor Smarty Pants.

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