Thrift Store Finds...

 We have a Thrift Store in C-town. It's always packed full of stuff and sometimes you can find some really cool items! My mom is the Thrift Store Queen! She goes in there and finds the best deals, clothes and home accents alike. She can see something and instantly know where she can put it, what she could do it, and how she can use it. Well she also sometimes finds things for me...things that she knows that I will ooohh and awww over..."vintage" things. Last year I recived a package while at school. Inside, was the cutest vintage, light blue-green sweater, the sleeves come to my elbows, it ends at my waist and it has lace along the front, beside the buttons. But her latest find has me oohh-ing and aww-ing all over again.  

This is my new adorable apron! Its a party apron, made of tulle. It set her back a quarter, steal! Women used to wear these when they would be a hostess or serve cake or refreshments at a function. May not be the most practical but it's too adorable to not love. Anyone have a party they need me to serve cake or something? Not that I need an excuse to wear it. 

Between you and me, I randomly put it on and fluff out the tulle. 
This is me "hangin' by the oven" ridiculous, I know. 
My momma is the best:
1. She loves me.
2. She laughs with me
3. She knows me and what I enjoy.
4. She brings these things home to me.
5. She humors me and does these silly photo shoots for this blog.
( and acts like she doesn't mind)
6. There are many many more reasons why she is the best. 
This apron is one of my favorite things! Thanks momma and love you!


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