Do you know what I would like? I would like to have just ONE week where I am not missing, have not lost or misplaced an important object. I tell ya what, I just can't keep track of things.

Last week it was my sketchbook. I was working on an Art project and I was done so I slid it in it's home, in an under-the- bed storage box, with the rest of my school supplies. I went back a couple days later to get it and it was GONE. I KNEW I hadn't got it out, but it had just vanished. I looked everywhere. In my car, under the bed. In my backpack, repeatedly hunted for this sketchbook. Finally, seven days later I looked under the scene of the kidnapping and looked up, there it was, my sketchbook looking like it was hiding from me, stuck in a support of the bed frame. I never looked UP when I looked under my bed, that was just not a logical option.

Well this week it is the same situation, different story and object. My student ID has decided to play a game of hide and seek with me. I am not a fan of this game. I just had it last week...although the exact day of the last sighting I am unsure of. I do know it was in the pocket of my favorite zip-up sweater. But the day I wore this sweater is under investigation. I don't know where the ID is but I do know where it is not:

Under my bed, under my couch, under my dresser, in my pocket, in my many coats pockets, in my underwear drawer, in my catch all box, in my makeup pouch, in my under-the-bed boxes, in my yarn bag, in my bed, in my backpack, in my get the picture.

This loss wouldn't be a huge deal but Senor Smarty Pants and I want to go to a play this week, as in tomorrow...and I don't have to buy a ticket if I have my ID. 

I am rather scattered lately. When I moved away from home I learned something about myself, I. Like. My. Stuff. I like my stuff around me. I try hard to be organized, I'm not messy or dirty, just scattered. My organization goes something like this: Shoes thrown in that box under the bed. Scarves hung in this general area. All comfy clothes, including pants and shirts in that drawer. Socks aren't always paired up. Everything is generally categorized, but not necessarily specific. That may shock some people. but I guess my stuff is where I let loose! 

But I wish wouldn't have been so loose with my student ID, I don't feel like taking another picture! Any ideas?


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