Another Season in the Books.

Well I really don't like that I even have to write this. (which is weird because I don't really get into the whole sports scene.) But C-town lost last night. 25-26. Ouch. We came out to play but just weren't ourselves for a bit and then when we did get the momentum rolling we just couldn't quite seal the deal. We led much of the 2nd half but an amazing play and pass by the other team gave them the led. Then we made a touchdown, but a block in the back, before the touchdown was made caused that touchdown to be revoked. And so the game ended badly, and I had to look at some 30 boys VERY upset. We just ran out of time, or it didn't move fast enough during certain points. 

I had no idea that I could get into a football game so much. I'm blaming Senor Smarty Pant's mom, she was all sorts of excited. She wasn't even cold because she couldn't sit still. She would get all excited and grab me and Senor Smarty Pants, she was yelling, it was fun! So she rubbed off on me and next thing I knew, I was yelling, squirming and pretty soon I couldn't sit down either. I even caught myself suddenly standing up and jumping in the stands during pretty plays and exciting happenings. (fyi-this happened more than once) My arms were doing pumps and all kinds of stuff. I had no idea I had it in me! It was a fun game to watch, I wish I had another to go to. I love football season. :)


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