Thankful...Parental Unit

Today I was thinking about how excited I was to be home with my family. Namely my immediate family. Yesterday I blogged about how thankful I am to have my brothers and today I feel it is fitting and well deserving to express my gratitude for my parents.

First my momma, she is quite a lady. She is smart, practical, creative, nurturing, and funny. She is honest with me and puts up with my moods. She knows me so well, sometimes it's scary! She works extremely hard and took a huge risk that I will forever admire her for. Last year opened her own hair salon in town. All on her own. She now does hair, sells purses and other accessories and clothing items. She has been a great success and this move made me see how much guts and brains she truly has. People love her! She is a genuinely happy person, she loves the career and life she has. She doesn't care what others think, she knows that she is serving her LORD and that's all that matters. She is kind to people. She is a wonderful wife and mother and I am so blessed to have her as an example.

Next my daddy, this man is interesting. I am actually unsure if I can truly put into words how much I look up to him. He is smart and works harder than anyone I know. I remember missing him dearly when he would work late, as girl. People love him and he can talk to anyone. I think my dad is handsome and always looks nice, something I have taken from him. I think my dad is hilarious, ridiculous most of the time, and will help anyone out. He is very honest and a smart business man. He is always supporting my mother. He always makes sure we go on a summer vacation, we haven't had a year without a vacation. He is the ultimate provider, something I have learned to look for in men. My dad and I have very similar personalities. That has led to some pretty ugly and interesting fights, we are both quick to anger and quick witted. I have always loved my dad and in the last few years I realized how big of a soft spot I have for that man! So thankful him

Now for the "Unit." These people met on a blind date! Imagine the odds! They were only 20 when they got married and they will celebrate their 25th Anniversary this January! (yes I know I am aging them!) That is something to be proud of. They are a wonderful example of a healthy, supportive, smart, and Christian marriage. They are a true team. They balance each other. They have taught us kids to love and be kind to each other and others. They push us to do our best, and know we are capable of so much.  So blessed I have been raised by these wonderful people. Praise the Lord!

Oh so thankful for my Parental Unit!


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