Thankful...My Toothbrush

Today it occurred to me how thankful I am to have my toothbrush. I know this may seem silly and trivial, but I love brushing my teeth. I feel so clean and refreshed afterward. My teeth tend to be the focal point of my face at times...they are on the large side. A trait I inherited from my paternal Aunts. We all have the same mouth and teeth. So, I find it important to keep my teeth sparkling. My tooth brush allows me to do just that. Some do not have this opportunity to have the hygiene and some simply do not mind if it is lacking. Not me!

I am very thankful for my toothbrush!



  1. Hi Jess! I was excited to find your blog:) Nice to hear how life is going for you. I too am thankful for my toothbrush and the knowledge of its benefits.

  2. Hi! Glad you found me too! I so enjoy your blog. This blog is has become more of my journal. :)