A Music Snack!

I have really random tastes in music. It's fairly broad. Today I decided to just post a bunch of my favorites, that I have been craving and listening to often while doing homework. Enjoy! :)

The Judds...classic! I love their sassiness. Just good lyrics and music all around!

Ok...Savage Garden...hey I like their music. Its something different.

Hewy Lewis and Gweneth Paltrow. Love Hewy, and this song.

I could not post these without posting something from Miss Colbie. I told a friend recently that I'm pretty sure she could sing the phonebook and I would love it, in fact I would probably put it on repeat. This a wonderful song of hers, probably one of my favorites.


P.S. C-town won their game last night. So on to the next playoff game we go, on Tuesday. Also, I did end up getting registered for classes and I rearranged my schedule and it looks better now actually...funny how God works. :)

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