Midnights and Mornings

It would surprise anyone who really knows me to learn that I make breakfast for my family. But not only do I make breakfast, I enjoy making breakfast for my family. As evidenced by the picture below my breakfasts are neither fancy nor extravagant but considering where I've come from? They are pretty good. I cut up strawberries for goodness sake and I took the time to burn that toast!

I grew up in a house of night owls. Generally when you are a night owl you are not a morning person. It's just simple physics...or something like that. My family home in the mornings was quiet. Very quiet. And not a peaceful, serene, oh what a beautiful morning quiet. No, it was more of, if you want to get out the door alive don't talk to me, look at me, or breathe on me kind of quiet. We found our breakfasts the cereal boxes because my mother making breakfast would have meant my mother looking at us... Occasionally she would fry us an egg or two or make us some muffins, typically though she got the gallon of milk out and we were good to go.

We were ok with that, we didn't want to chat. As I entered highschool I began skipping breakfast all together and that's about when I started noticing this other kid. His name was Jerrel and his Mother made him breakfast. It became a game to ask what his dear Momma had made him, his Dad and his brothers for the most important meal of the day. Things like waffles, pancakes, stuffed french toast and cinnamon rolls were his norm.

So when this kid and I decided to get hitched forever we had an understanding. He doesn't do midnights and I don't do mornings.

But somewhere in the middle of it all we've come to some sort of compromise. Some sort of middle that seems to be working and we seem to be liking it. Instead of midnights, Jerrel does around 11 pm. Instead of early morning wake ups with breakfasts I do midmorning wake ups with breakfast. I still need my time to feel human but I find it while slinging that hash...I've never actually make hash...wait yes I have.

These days I plan breakfast meals. I've done dishes before 10:30 am most days, cleaning up the breakfast mess. But that rhythm for the day is nice. We've got food sticking to our ribs for the morning We've had nice peaceful quiet time around the table to start the day. And I'm beginning to find that all of us around that table is one of my favorite places to be, even if it is in the morning and people are looking at me and trying to talk to me.

Here's to breakfast.


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