Wedding Wednesday

I had the most wonderful weekend. My aunt and cousins threw a Bridal shower for me on Saturday. It was really the first time that I felt like a bride-that was different. 

When I got the invitation I was instantly excited and in love with the idea for the shower! 

I am forever thankful for my cousin Alissa for taking the pictures you see here. So gld she could capture some of the moments!

I was so thrilled with everyone that showed up. It was so uplifting to be surrounded by "my people."

The party planners so get me. Snack trays? Hello, adorable. 

Annnd the grub was pretty good too! The gooey stuff? That's banana's foster, I could have ate my weight in it and then some. YUM. 

I'm not a big game person but the little games that were included in the shower were really great. We had a "The Price Is Right." game where food items for each meal were in a bag and the total price for the meal was guessed. If Grandma Woods would have been there she would have creamed us all. 

The other game included separate interviews of both Jerrel and I. Participants then had to guess who's answer was read. I was just a little scared. Questions included: Where is one place you would like to go together? What is your favorite thing about the other person? How many children do you want? Etc. 

The gifts were arranged according to their "time" and we opened them like we were going through the day. It was so fun. 

The thing that really warmed my heart was the kind of gifts I received. The things weren't all new and shiny. They weren't totally state of the art. Nope, so many of them had a history. Like the tea set above, it's from a thrift store. One of my friends picked it up for us. And I adore it. My Great Aunt gave me my Granny's rolling pin and a dish she used for pickles. Grandma Smith gave me her 61 year old cast iron skillet. It was one of her own wedding gifts. Those things about had the water works going. Grandma Carol gave me an old butter dish. My mom gave me blue Mason Jars filled with pasta. 

Don't get me wrong though, there are shiny gifts that I'm thrilled about..a bread machine to be specific. Score! My hinting to Grandma J worked.  

I had lots of helpers. Love my family. 

I think Red has a future in the moving industry. Her commentary while bringing presents to and fro made me giggle. Like after I received the pillows and sheets she stated, "Hmm, now all you need is a bed." Thank you for the memo Missy.

There was conversation and advice. Love and laughter and it was special to be around these people for this shower especially since we are going away for our wedding. It was nice to celebrate with them.  

Speaking of laughter...Thank you Auntie Kris.

Such special friends came for the brunch and I was able to share a family heirloom I'll be wearing on the big day with them. I'll share that with you all hopefully next week.

Thank you again for the shower ladies!

That's this week's Wedding Wednesday.

4 weeks!


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