A Little Bit of Time

Jerrel bought a new range finder with his Cabella's points a couple weeks ago. Anyone else's husband rack up and hoard those points like it's their job? It took him weeks of researching (ahem, obsessing) to decide which one to get. Then one night he said "Cabella's has this one on sale...I wouldn't have to use as many points." 


So he did and now I don't "get" to hear about all the features and options of the various models. And he's moved on to a new mission-rack up points and spend them on a new firearm. Men. 

But when the range finder came in we boogied on over to his parents house so that he could test it out. It was a beautiful evening and Jerrel asked me if I wanted to go along.

Millie was in the kitchen with Gramacita and so we went outside together and spend a little bit of time together-with Chester. Well kinda together he walked around range finding and I lagged behind snapping pictures.

It was weird to have both hands to take a photo. It was odd to not say "Not in your mouth Millie." But it was nice to just have a little bit of time with just us.

Us and these weird little berry things.

I like to get up close and personal with nature as these pictures prove.

He'd walk a ways and then tell me how far he was from me. It was a riveting adventure.

Jerrel's parents have a really great area to shoot. Both for the firearm variety and the camera variety.

I kinda got left behind. There's my boys. This fall has been gorgeous, in color and weather. 

Once I caught up. We discovered I have a gift. A gift that will make Jerrel's range finder obsolete. 

I am impeccably good at estimating distances. He would tell me where he was finding I'd throw out a number and lo' and behold I would be pretty dang close.

Think of all the points he could have saved!

My range finding secret? Oh I'll never tell.

Our walk was nice-a little bit of time with just us.


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