Season Ender

A funny thing happened this football season. I actually started to really enjoy football. It wasn't just an atmosphere thing. It was a game thing, a sport thing. It was a weird thing. So when the brothers made it to playoffs and we couldn't make the first game I was disappointed but I watched it online. Then the second round came along and Senor Smarty Pants and I had a feeling we should be there. We didn't care that it was a Wednesday, 97 miles away, it was so cold we could have gotten frostbite, or that it would cost us an arm and leg to get in (exaggeration-it was $7 and person, poor college kids remember-we actually timed it though so we walked in the same time as my dad-Score!) I know I felt like as a sibling when these type of things come up-you get there, if at all possible. 

So the game started and it was freezing. I love the sound the pads make as they collide. Gruesome? Maybe.

There was all kinds of "Trojan Spirit" running around the field. Including this cool cat with the wig, he shall remain nameless. 

They played and they played hard. But they got some bad breaks, and some injuries. 

#30! Aaron!
And I began to realize this would be the last game. The last game of the season. The last game Aaron would play. Probably the last time I'd see him all suited up in football gear. They all look so tough in football gear.

And here's the real tear jerker, the last time my little annoying brothers would be a on a team together. Well they are quite a team but you know. They worked toward the same goal, in the same organization, together. Listen to me, putting a feminine, sentimental spin on all this. I just know that it was cool for them. 

I am so thankful we went. We both got to watch our brothers hit a milestone. finish something they started-even if it wasn't the ending they wanted. 

Ok, I'm going to go cry a little now, don't worry not too much and I'll be alright.
Good Season Brothers.


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