The Month of Thanksgiving

I'm feeling a bit guilty. I hardly gave Thanksgiving the recognition is deserves. Sure, throughout the whole month of November I was mentally much more aware of the little things I count as blessings. I did not take the time to post them.

It's still November, so here I go,

  1. My Grandparents-they are so kind to let me stay with them.
  2. Burts Bees-best lip balm I've found.
  3. The boys I babysit-always are reminders to be silly, worry less, and take time to snuggle and read.
  4. Aisi-a sweet little girl who even at 5 melts my sometimes cold heart and still lets me hug on her.
  5. Senor Smarty Pant's family-every last one of em'. I'm finally beginning to feel "in."
  6. God's word-enough said.
  7. My iota mug-It's cute and keeps my beverages warm.
  8. Senor Smarty Pants-People, he is one awesome guy.
  9. My family-they are pretty awesome too.
  10. My Lifespan development class-I have learned more than I ever expected and it has been worth every penny, this class is what college is supposed to be like. 
These things are not the only things I'm thankful for, and some of them are trivial but hey I can't always be deep and meaningful. Today I'm just being Thankful.


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