P is for Procrastination

Today I have perfected my procrastination skills.

It would be fair for you all to now call me "The Princess of Procrastination." Actually "Queen" would fit better, I like alliteration. But, not more than I like "Queen of Procrastination."

I now am a Professional Procrastinator.

Get the Picture?

I've got this "Project." It's supposed to be turned in in paper form. The directions were very open ended and my procedural educational career doesn't always work the best in these situations. Having said that, I've kinda just avoided it.

Hence why I am on my blog right now.

I have done everything else on my list, and then some! I've braided and re-braided my hair. I've talked on the phone to a friend. I've ate 3 cookies. Made hot tea. I've looked for popcorn to make-I don't even really like popcorn. I've pulled my hair into a couple different weird ponytails. Make the madness stop!

The research is basically done. I've even made my source page, which is usually the worst part of any paper. I just can't seem to make myself do it. I really wanted to finish it today....Before I got on here though, I told myself: "Ok. Post on the Blog and then you HAVE to get to it."

So. It's time.


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